Friday, October 9, 2015

An Semi-Unexpected 40 "Free" Minutes....

I think I mentioned yesterday in my Running Around post that G2 was staying after school with a close friend to edit  a multimedia communications project due today.  Well, that ended up not happening.  The friend is a major prima donna and went home "sick" from school because she was the only one out of their group who was wearing sweatpants - I kid you not!  Anyway, G2 was frustrated because she was the one who planned the project, came up with the interview questions needed, AND actually did the interviewing.  All G2's friend did was point the camera.  G2 called me from school and asked me to pick her up because she decided she was NOT going to do all the editing as well. 

On the way home, the friend actually called my daughter to ask how much she had gotten done!  G2 told her she didn't do any of it.  Then the friend starting to panic and said they had to go in this morning early to finish.  G2 said she didn't have a ride.  When I asked her about it, she said "Mom, you always drive everyone one around, especially her!  Let her mom drive this time!"  LOL  Gotta love that kid!  But, until the car pulled into the driveway and picked G2 up, I wasn't even sure it was going to happen.

Anyway, that freed up a forty minute chunk of time this morning for me! I'm not gonna lie, I was very tempted to just grab my book, get comfy on my couch, and read.  But, I didn't.  Here's what I did do instead:

*Made my bed
*Put two loads of folded clothes away
*Loaded and started the dishwasher
*Straightened and vac'd the family room
*Put a load of clothes into the dryer
*Put a new load into the washer
*Gathered all the ironing to do (after I finish writing this post)
*Roasted acorn seeds leftover from last night's dinner

I love how productive I already and it's just past nine am!  I am hoping to continue this throughout the morning since I have absolutely nowhere else to be until picking G1 up from school at 2pm!  Those forty minutes really set such a great tone to my day!

Hope you all are having a great Friday morning!


  1. G2 is very wise, kudos to her! My kids and I all hate group projects because we always end up being the ones doing all the work and everyone else just harvests the benefits. Unfortunately, the trend is for more team projects both at work and in schools. That really frustrates my non-very social and responsible kids.

    I was all set to congratulate you for doing so much before lunch but then I saw you actually did all of that before NINE A.M. and I was like "daaaaaaaamn!!!!". Awesome job! What did you do the rest of the morning? I hope you got to read your book!

    1. It is very frustrating to have all these team projects. In the past, she would freak out about it...glad she has gotten over that part! LOL
      Yeah today was pretty productive...until I crashed and burned around one pm! LOL I fell asleep (while trying to read that book!) and ended up waking myself up with my body shaking --Ahhh, the joys of MS. =) Rest of the day I am relaxing!

  2. Always hated group projects because I ended up doing all the work but I guess that is what I do with my control freak tendencies. It is supposed to teach kids how to work in the real world but the sad message is the truth which is that you have to do all the work if you want it done. Sad that kids have to learn that they can't always count on others and they don't even get a better grade because of all their hard work.

    I am always tempted to sit down and read a book but getting lots out of the way in the morning is always a better plan :) That is a great amount of progress!!! I sadly would have used that as my excuse to rest for the rest of the day. Today was a student holiday so I had my little man home with me and with the whole day I got one load of laundry put away, one in the washer (reminding me that I need to get it in the dryer), cleaned the kitchen counters, made chocolate chip cookies and made applesauce bread. Ummm, I think that was the whole day!! If you have extra energy, you can come here :)

    1. LOL Alison! I have to take advantage of my "energy" days whenever I can! And, when the girls were little, I always ignored what had to be done so I could play with them! I may sound like an old person, but time does truly go by so quickly! I still can't believe mine are 16 and 13 and definitely miss the younger years!