Monday, October 12, 2015

Apple Picking....Groceries or Outing?

It was such a gorgeous day here yesterday!  And, to make it even better, I felt well enough to go to our local apple orchard with Papa and the Guppies for our annual apple picking outing at Hickory Hill Orchards.  I absolutely love it there - it's a smallish quaint orchard with the most friendly staff.  It's awesome to have them so close to home.

We grabbed quite a few apples - $32.00 worth!  We picked a full bag of just my favorite type - Winesap!  (If you ever have the chance you gotta try this variety!  They are simply amazing!!) Then the Guppies picked another bag of mixed types - JonaGold, Cameo, Mutzu, and Golden Delicious.

After we were done with the picking, we went into the little store they have where G1 asked for an apple pie.  The price of these pies is pretty steep ($14.95) but they are homemade and delicious!  We love them so much we usually buy one on apple picking day and then two for Thanksgiving.

The apple pie is definitely getting deducted from our grocery budget. And, I am thinking the apples probably should as well, since hello? Apples are food!  LOL  But, it was a family activity too. Should it be deducted from there instead?  Or am I just completely overthinking this?  Haha!

Today is sort of a crazy day - No school for Columbus Day means Guppies are home...kind of.  G1 has an all day work team building retreat (she is so NOT happy about) and won't be back home until 3ish.  G2 is planning out her day now - which probably means me driving her somewhere! =)  And, Papa will be home after his interview -- fingers and toes crossed it goes well!  I don't foresee much time to do any straightening up or anymore blogging today!

But, that's okay.  Busy days are moderation.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I think I would count the apples as groceries. I bought food items last week for the kids' Christmas stockings and I'm deducting it from the Christmas budget. But it's up to you to see where you want that money to come from. If you really have an Outings budget that you're trying to stick to, then you might want to deduct it from there? If not, then take it out of groceries. I guess the whole point of having a budget isn't so much to be strict with your categories as it is to make sure you don't overspend on the whole. Well, that's my take, at least!
    I wish I had been apple picking! Enjoy your day with G2!

  2. I have a planned 'adventure' budget, so if it were me, it would go under that. The apples would be a freebie bonus to the grocery tab. Whatever way you plan it that works for you!

  3. I think I am just going to split the price of the apples in half between our outing money and groceries. Now, I just have to remember to do it when I input my new receipts!! =)