Monday, October 19, 2015

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well, I didn't want to do it so early in the season but last night I had no choice....I turned on the heat!  BUT, just briefly and overnight....and I only set it to 58 degrees.

Yesterday morning, when Papa and I woke up first, it was freezing in the house - like only 50 degrees!  Darn you old windows!  Instead of turning on the heat right then and there, we went outside and grabbed some wood for our first fire of the season.  It kept the family room toasty warm (where we spent 90 percent of the day) and we were able to finally get the rest of the house up to 58 degrees thanks to the fire and my Sunday dinner cooking.

But, I just *knew* when I heard the temps were going to dip down to TWENTY FIVE DEGREES last night there was no other choice!  (sigh)

Usually once the heat goes on the first time, that's the end of that.  We will turn it on/keep it on for the duration.  I'm trying so hard to not have that happen this time!  I have already turned the heat back off since everyone but me and the animals are in the house today.  I'm wearing a long sleeved t-shirt under my sweatshirt and will be moving around a lot today so I should be fine.  Tonight we will have another fire (if needed) and congregate in the family room again.

We just have to hold on until temps moderate back into the sixties and almost seventy Wednesday and Thursday!

When do you usually turn your furnace on for the Fall & Winter seasons?

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  1. We normally like to wait til November 1, but we caved last night too. DH didn't feel well......I was shocked when he turned it on in our house. My father has had the heat on in his apartment since the end of September (wish he helped pay the oil bill sometimes.....oh well)