Sunday, October 25, 2015

Buying Middle School Grades - Part 2

RECAP:  A few weeks or so ago, I wrote about how Guppy 2's 8th grade class has to take a Consumer Economics class at some point during the year.  The teacher gave the students an assignment where they need to bring in ten box tops FOR A GRADE!  If they didn't bring in the correct amount of box tops, they received an F for the assignment.  If you want to read the entire blog post and the conversation that ensued, please check out my original post entitled "Buying Middle School Grades".

Last night, we drove Guppy 2 and her friend, A, to Lake Compounce's Haunted Graveyard.  A is the girl who texted me and asked if I could please spare any box tops so she wouldn't get an F on her economics assignment.  On the way home, it occurred to me to ask her about the class and that assignment in particular....

Well, as was predicted, there were a LOT of angry parents regarding this "assignment".  And apparently the principal was extremely busy fielding phone calls and emails about it!  The principal made the teacher pull the assignment from the syllabus and drop the grade from the class' current students.

So, thankfully, G2 will not be scrambling around clipping box tops so she doesn't "fail" an assignment!  But, it does make me wonder about curriculum in general.  Like, how did the teacher get this assignment by in the first place?  Isn't there some sort of approval process for lesson plans?
I guess, in the end, I am just happy that the teacher was forced to pull it.  I am very curious, however, about what this "economics" class is going to be like.  I'll keep you guys posted when it's G2's turn to take it!  =)

Happy Sunday!


  1. That's good news!
    I think that having every assignment "vetted" would be very cumbersome for schools and teachers. We expect them to have common sense when planning such activities, but everyone has their own blinders on, including teachers. So it's good that parents were involved enough to complain about it and that the principal recognized that the situation justified pulling the assignment and nullifying the grades.

    1. You bring up a good point about not having every assignment okay'd by administration. And, yes it was really good that the parents of the involved students spoke up. This way the path is clear for G2's turn in the class!

  2. Sounds like the teacher learned a valuable lesson - don't piss of parents and eexpct them to buy certain things for a grade! Yay!! Maybe they should devise a list of particular items ala grocery list way, then have the kids go to the grocery store when a parent does and list the unit price and package price for particular items along with their generic equivalent. It's a work sheep I remember completing in high school consumer ec class. Then they can create a PowerPoint in the library with their findings and present to the class

    1. That's a great idea! But, oddly enough, it doesn't even sound like the class was WORKING on anything related to grocery stores! SMH I guess I won't be able to truly piece it together until G2 is in the class and I see what is on the syllabus.
      There are "poorer" parts of my town. And since we have one middle school that serves all of the town, it's a better economic mix with enough parents to speak up and cry foul at this assignment. It still seems so counter intuitive to have the students go "buy" certain products to cut out box tops to obtain a good homework grade. Hopefully, the parents were able to turn this into a great teachable moment!