Saturday, October 17, 2015

Catching Up on Grocery Totals....

So here we are....Back to the dreaded grocery totals.  I say this because I know I have been "bad"....Like heading over to Whole Paycheck Foods to do a little shopping.  Yeah, not so frugal.  Anyway, here we go!

Here's where I was last check:  $344.99 BUT...I have to do a little backtracking to add in a few things I hadn't yet.

Trip to Apple Orchard  $20.95

Large Apple Pie - $14.95
Apples - $16.00  --  I decided to do half the price of the apples as groceries/half from our outings $$$

CVS  $10.80 for October regular groceries  $25.80 towards October stock up

*** for itemized list you can check out my Small CVS Stock Up post ***

So, I really only had $313.24 to work with.  Okay, now onto the newest transactions.

Whole Foods:  $48.55

2lbs of rainbow carrots
1 quart of sweet potato soup
1 tin of Newman's Own mints
1 falafel salad
2 packages of pumpkin ravioli
1 container of pomegranate seeds
1 small container of fresh poultry herbs
1.5 lbs of chicken cutlets
1 bunch of rainbow swiss chard
1 bunch of mustard greens

Stop and Shop:  $8.48

Frozen dinner request by G2
1 whole chicken

FoodWorks :$30.97

Bag of Maple Popcorn
1/4 lb maple coconut chips
16 oz  bag of frozen butternut squash ravioli
8 oz bag of frozen mushroom ravioli
1/2 lb of Vermont cheddar chipotle cheese
7.5 oz bag of wasabi peas

Dollar Tree; $9.00 (not counting tax since I bought other non grocery items in this transaction)
(I will be having G2's friends over at some point next week so I needed more snacky foods)

2 bags Utz potato chips
1 bag Cheez Balls
2 cans of Hazelnut wafers
1 bag hot & spicy peanuts
4 pack of gum
1 box of baking soda
1 bag of popcorrn

So, what's left for the month?

October grocery money spent:  $283.76
October grocery money left:  $216.24

Not quite as bad as I was anticipating but not that great either, considering this month I had the *free* trip to Costco for a stock up!!!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


  1. Whole Paycheck always makes me laugh :) You got some good stuff there, though, for $47! Hazelnut wafers sound yummy. I might need to look for those at my Dollar Tree!

    Did you know you can print Whole Foods coupons?

    You used to be able to print Newman's Own Organics coupons as well, they changed every month, but I visited the old link and they changed their URL and now they don't seem to be offering coupons on their site anymore :(

  2. We really don't head out to Whole Foods all that often since the one I prefer is about thirty minutes away from home. I did grab their little coupon booklet at the checkout because, like you always say, you never know! LOL Thanks for the link for them too though. =)

    1. I saw this morning that you can also redeem Swagbucks for WholeFoods gift cards so if you were looking for more ways to lower your grocery bill, this might be an option, even though you don't shop there all that much. I don't shop much at Walmart but this morning I decided to pick a Walmart gift card instead of an Amazon gift card, because I'll definitely be buying my bread flour there. But I usually don't buy groceries at Walmart, mostly because I don't like shopping there (carts that squeal, tons of annoying people, aisles are always crowded and I always have a hard time finding what I need are the main reasons!). Anyway, I thought of you when I saw this option :)

  3. I didn't realize that Swagbucks does Whole Foods too! Great to know! I'll have to ramp up my attempts to earn more! =)