Friday, October 30, 2015

Costume Conundrum

Since Guppy 2 is 13 and in 8th grade, this will most likely be the last year that she officially goes out for "trick or treating" on Halloween.   Knowing her, this won't be the last we see of Halloween costumes as I'm sure there will be Halloween parties in the future.  But the traditional door-to-door-asking-for-candy thing is done this year.  Maybe that's why I am a wee-bit (cough cough) freaked out she hasn't decided on a costume yet.  That and possibly because, hey,  we are out to Fright Fest tonight AND she has a birthday party during the day on Halloween!  The only saving grace is she wants to do a "homemade" costume since that's what her friends are doing!

So far, the group is going as....

A baby 
Ed Sherran 
An Alien &
Two bank robbers (think cartoon style NOT thug)

And then there's G2....who can't decide!  Here are the ideas we have come up with...

An angel
A scarecrow
A zombie
A pageant girl
Carrie - yes THAT Carrie from the Stephen King book/movie
A cafeteria lunch lady - complete with stained apron, hairnet, and spatula  (no longer in the running)
Lilo & Stitch (she would carry a Stitch stuffed animal)

I told G2 she needs to decide right when she gets off the bus after school since we only have an hour or two before we are picked up to head to the amusement park for the evening.  If I have to pick up any items needed for the (finally) chosen costume, I will do it on Saturday while she is at the birthday party.

It was so much easier (and more fun!) when they were little and I could pick out their costumes myself.  It could be worse though.  She could want one of the more questionable costumes at the Halloween stores that leave a LOT of skin exposed and not much to the imagination....if you catch my drift!

Happy Friday!


  1. I know the feeling well. I'm in that same hell with my 8th grader. I'm hitting goodwill today to find the 1 element he is missing.....yikes!

    1. Wow! Good luck with that! LOL G2 is just going to have to use what we have kicking around the house. She's no stressing so I am going to *try* to not stress either! =)

  2. Why do kids wait until the last minute? I remember one year when my oldest son decided at the 11th hour to attend a costumed Halloween party and I was going from store to store at 6 p.m. on Halloween trying to find things to put a costume together. Would you believe that they had already pulled everything out and replaced the aisles with Christmas stuff? Arrgh. He ended up wearing some stuff we had kicking around the house and a witch's hat that I found at Walgreens. His friends didn't care and even though he did look weird, he would have looked weirder if he had been the only one without a "costume". Weird is OK on Halloween, lol.

    My 8th grader (son) likes to wear hats and take on accents but doesn't like trick or treating and is a homebody so no parties for him and no costume. My 17 y/o daughter is going to a party at a friend's in our neighborhood and her costume is "a 3-hole punch version of myself", which is an "The Office" reference. She assures me that her friend will get it.

    Fun fact: my name is in the credits of Lilo and Stitch so I vote for that costume for G2 :)

    Have fun at the amusement park tonight!

    1. THAT is what I was afraid of! The running around last minute thing! But, since all her friends are going in homemade costumes, I have decided not to stress any longer. She can use her creativity and cobble something together here.
      That's cool about your Lilo and Stitch credit! Both my girls love that movie!

  3. I found what I needed! And because it wasn't a Halloween item I used a 25% off coupon and sonny likes it and will wear it again :-). It's a cardigan sweater! Deny mens :-). Under $10!

    1. Nice!!! G2 now says she will decide after we go out tonight with friends...we won't be home until well after midnight! LOL

  4. What did she end up being for Halloween?