Saturday, October 17, 2015

Farmers Market Finds

Surprised we went to the Farmers Market this morning? Yeah, me too!  After having to pick G2 up from her BFF's at SIX AM so she could get ready for the Bar Mitzvah (which included helping curl her hair and help her pick out which dress to wear), I just couldn't fall back to sleep. So, since the synagogue were were dropping G2 and friends off at was already halfway to New Haven, Papa and I drove to the market. I am fairly sure I will be regretting this decision by the time tonight rolls around.  My only possible saving grace is that tonight's concert starts earlier - doors open at 5:30 so hopefully we will get home earlier.

What was the damage at the market? An even $60.00

So now I have $156.24 left for the month!  Sigh....I have no one to blame but myself of course.  Let's see how well I can make it through the rest of the month now.

Here's a list of what was bought today at the farmer's market:

1 pint of blueberry yogurt
1 pint of vanilla yogurt
4 lbs of short ribs (for tomorrow night's dinner)
2 HUGE HUGE HUGE sweet potatoes (Did I mention they were HUGE?  LOL)
1/2 dozen apple cider donuts
1 bunch of beets
1 pint of Butternut Squash Bourbon soup
1 pint of Curried Pumpkin soup

At some point soon - probably not until Monday at this rate - I will need to inventory my freezer because I am finally getting low on meats and fish.  But my plan is to design next week's meal plan to incorporate mostly things already stocked in my kitchen.  (Though I do need to, unfortunately, run out  for a few needed items like cream cheese and heavy cream either today or tomorrow.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make it through today/tonight without falling over!

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