Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gas & Garbage

Today's post is short and sweet!

Spent so far: $20
Left for the month: 30

Although I technically have 1/4 left in my tank, I put $20 in anyway. I have an errand to run approximately 25 minutes away and I have a "thing" about letting the gas gauge get too low when I know I'll be heading out of the immediate area.
Still, today is October 14th and I put gas in my tank for the first time this month!  That makes me pretty happy!


We did pretty well in this department this week too!  I only have two kitchen sized 13 gallon bags for pickup  this week.  And that second bag wasn't even completely full - even after I emptied all the small trash cans from the bathrooms/bedrooms!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!!!!

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