Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gas & Garbage


I have less than 1/4 of a tank of gas left from the only fill up I made this month!  However, I don't think I will be able to get through the rest of today, tomorrow, and Friday without some type of top off.  I think I will head over to the gas station later and put in a mere $10.  That will get me through the rest of the week and still $20 under my $50 October gas budget!!!!
Yay me!


This week, I have two completely full bags of garbage.  Plus, since it is our recycling week (every other week), we are putting out an almost 3/4 full very large green recycling barrel.  While not the one bag of garbage I had last week, I am still happy to only have two 13 gallon kitchen sized bags.


  1. Look at you, doing so well with your gas consumption and trash/recycling too!

    Getting the extra car has resulted in missed savings for me: my daughter will be gassing up the car with the one credit card where she is an authorized user but it's not the one that earns us the most gas rewards and also she might be gassing up at the station closest to our house, which costs about 8 more cents per gallon than the other one I use (about 10 miles away). The other one is on her way to her college class, though, so I need to keep on reminding her to gas up when she's in that neck of the woods twice a week. Then, Greg now doesn't want me to take his truck when I go shopping since my SUV is available. My SUV uses up more gas than his truck, and also now he gasses up his truck at the more expensive station near us while I used to gas it up for him at the cheaper station when I went shopping. He doesn't pass that one on his way to work (although he could if he wanted too but it would be more complicated to get to work that way). So it's not a lot of savings lost, I don't think, but it all adds up all the same.

    In order to keep getting my Racetrac freebies (surveys on the receipts), I top off my tank whenever I'm close to the cheaper gas station, but since I only drive once a week on average, I only get 2 or 3 gallons tops! Sounds kind of silly but oh well. I do save a lot of money by not going out every day. That'll change next year when my youngest is in high school because I'll drive him and pick him up every day (my daughter will be taking 100% college classes next year, probably, so they won't be able to carpool). Maybe I'll be mean mom and have him ride the bus, though...

    1. We pay at the pump at the gas station we use (same as cash rate thank goodness!) so I don't even know if they do any sort of freebies. My guess is no though. I like what you do with your Racetrac topping off! It makes so much sense for you to do that!
      G1 has been bugging us to help her get her permit so I guess there's no way around it anymore...especially since she turns 17 in January!!