Saturday, October 24, 2015

Latest Grocery Trip and Rethinking the Grocery Budget

No farmer's market for us this morning.  I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with last night and just didn't feel like heading out.  Papa (the great guy he is) was perfectly fine with that and let me sleep in until around ten am.  Not that we have much grocery money left in the budget anyway.   I really really need to do some thinking about my budget - especially since we are going into November and December.  We host Thanksgiving and Christmas for my family so I will most definitely need more $$$ in the budget to do this.

Anyway, here is the damage from my latest shopping trip.....

Stop and Shop:  $90.01

8 pack of mini croissants
2 packages of Thomas English Muffins 6 count - Buy one/Get one
16oz Hood Half n Half
3 cans of Pillsbury Grands biscuits
16oz S&S brand heavy cream
2 bricks of S&S brand cream cheese
1/2 lb Boars Head Honey Maple Chicken deli meat
1 lb Land O Lakes American Cheese
40 counts Totinos pizza rolls
1 package of Eggo waffles
3 cases of Diet Pepsi
1 box of peanut butter CapNCrunch
1 box of Krstz Crumb Cake Muffin mix
3 Ramen noodle soup cups
2 boxes of Microwave popcorn
2 boxes of Crystal Light mixes
2 packages of Tostitos tortilla chips
1 box of hashbrown patties
2 packages of ham steaks (2 count each) Buy one/Get one
5 snack sized bags of pistachios 10/$10 (bought for Papa to keep in his desk at work)

Money left in October Grocery Budget:  $57.23


  1. This month kicked my budgets butt too!! I know that I got a ton of things and lots of great deals but there are still so many things on my list that I haven't gotten and a week left. Do you think that you can make the last week of the month with around $60? It is time to get more creative :) I made banana bread and seasoned oyster crackers on Friday night. I was supposed to make chocolate chip cookies today but I felt horrible so I didn't get them made. I still have more dishes to wash and it was enough to get dinner on the table. Hoping to make a little monkey bread for breakfast tomorrow as a nice treat from the other package of rolls that bought at the store. I am trying to figure out a few more treats to throw in for the rest of the month so that I don't head back to the grocery store except for one package of boneless skinless chicken. I am luckily not hosting Thanksgiving this year but probably Christmas so I need to stock up on a turkey which I usually have to push my November budget towards because they are cheaper in November around Thanksgiving (I don't like ham so we do turkey) but luckily the turkey is usually only around $10 but I normally have to buy between $30-$50 to get the lower price per pound so I am crossing my fingers for those deals to work together so that I can get things I need at a store that I can work my monthly budget and my turkey deal together. I hope that you figure out a way to live within your budget or find a new holiday bonus budget :) I find that if you get a little more in November and December that January and February tend to me a little lower to balance it out. Good luck!! Can't wait to hear about the journey!

    1. Sixty bucks left IS going to cut it close for us but I think I can probably manage it. It's tough because my oldest daughter (16) is finally interested in cooking and wants to learn how to cook some of her "favorites" this week. I have to look later today to see if I have all the ingredients I need - hopefully I do. Or else I will just have to start teaching her a few things this week and then work the recipes she wants to learn into November's groceries.
      For November, we will have to buy a turkey (this year only six of us for Thanksgiving thankfully since my brother isn't coming down from Maine) and then we have to buy a large chicken/small turkey because Papa wants to have his mom and elderly aunt over for a nice meal and to go see some holiday lights the next town over.
      For December, we will need to buy a ham for Christmas Eve (just for the four of us) and then steak for Christmas dinner (there will be eight of us!) Plus I need to take into account that my sister in law is gluten free so that will add a little more to the price of Christmas dinner/dessert.
      January 5th is my oldest's birthday and then February is Papa's! So I don't get a "full" break until March...but then there's Easter...etc. LOL