Thursday, October 15, 2015

More Freebies!

Guess who has been purging her house again?  My BFF of course!  Here is what was in her latest "goody" bag for me!

1 Brand new steel blue super soft blanket - TAGS STILL ON!  She didn't like the color and didn't want to bother returning it!

A like new light blue Abercrombe & Fitch hoodie - G2 grabbed this

A darker brown lace tank top - again G2 snatched

A lightweight plaid shirt - I actually took that!

A cream and light brown patterned Banana Republic cardigan - not my size or taste.  Neither Guppy wanted it so I will most likely take it to the consignment shop

And...This little guy:....

The picture is kind of dark but I like how he kind of mimics the steel of my steamer trunk.  Plus he has red accents like the trunk.  And, if anyone is looking...Ummm...Yeah, the dog is anatomically correct and obviously NOT neutered!  LOL

I can't believe the freebies that have just been coming my way lately!


  1. It's like a garage sale with a personal shopper and the seller just told you everything is free! It's nice of her to think of you instead of just dumping everything in the trash, the way some people do :)

  2. When I have been offered "no longer wanted" items from family members or friends, I have never turned anything down. As a result, people have felt comfortable offering. That works for you as well. Your friend knows that the items will be appreciated and well loved a second time around. You have benefited from some great free items. By the way, that dog looks familiar. Is he a cartoon character?

    1. Susan, there have been a few items that haven't been "my taste" or my daughters. Since my BFF's main goal is to get them out of her own house, I haven't felt guilty about consigning them either since most of the stuff is high end quality. I'm not sure if the dog is a cartoon character or not. I'll have to ask her what his "deal" is later today!

    2. I agree that the dog looks familiar, I was wondering that myself yesterday. I think it might be from an animated movie? Maybe The Nightmare Before Christmas or similar movie.

      I admire that you consign the items so you can make money off them since she doesn't want to bother. I would just give them to the thrift store. I think we have a consignment store downtown Clermont but the last time I was in there (years ago) they were very picky as to what they would accept and kind on the "upscale" side so I don't even bother going there anymore.