Tuesday, October 27, 2015

News on Papa's Interview...

Papa reached out to the recruiter yesterday about the job interview.  The recruiter was waiting until it was completely a "done deal" but I guess it came down between him and another candidate.  While they liked Papa better, they had to go with the other person since he/she had more experience AND already used/new the computer system that this company uses. BUT the recruiter was genuinely impressed on just how well Papa interviews (something I already knew! LOL) because of how hard the end decision was for the company to make!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed because, truthfully, I am......

It's okay though.  Papa HAS a job right now, right?  Things are nowhere near as desperate as they could truly be.

Papa is ramping up his search for another job.  He told the recruiter that he will now be aggressively searching and to keep him in mind - which I am sure the recruiter will do now that he has gotten such positive feedback regarding Papa's interview skills!  And, we now know that this job's position/title is NOT the stretch we thought it would be, given Papa's experience.  So, that opens up the next level up for searching too.

The searching and waiting continues....

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Fingers crossed the right position opens up. In the meantime Papa can just keep honing his skills at the current position and become a more valuable commodity - the right one will come at the right time!

    1. Thanks! That's what we are hoping as well! =)

  2. Sorry, I'm so late commenting!

    This was good practice and something better is probably around the corner. Also, you never know, the other person might not pan out during their probationary period and they might end up calling him back anyway. I used to support a hiring manager and she often did that. He should keep in touch with the hiring manager at that firm (not the recruiter, but the hiring manager him/herself) unless the contract he signed with the recruiter (if any) prohibits him from doing that.

    1. He didn't sign any contract with the recruiter - which is great news! He really connected with one of the people interviewing him - who actually used to do the position and was promoted to a director of a much larger division of the company. Papa has his card and wrote him a quick email thanking him and also asking to keep him in mind in the future. (Obviously not in those words but that was the gist) The hope is that this director WILL contact him if anything does come up.
      Fingers crossed that something better does come his way! More money and closer to home would be great but Papa also is going stir crazy in the current position and would love more of a challenge where he could actually make a difference.