Monday, October 26, 2015

Overnight Changes

So, if you have been reading my blog for awhile (first of all THANK YOU!), you will notice that today it looks a little different....

Last night, right as I was getting ready to shut my computer down, Guppy 1 came over and asked to see my blog. Of course I told her no - which let's face it, was sort of ridiculous to do since she can actually LOOK it up on her phone right?  LOL   But,  she insisted that she didn't want to read it!  She just wanted to help with the layout.  What you see this morning is her handiwork -done in less than ten minutes I might add!

What do you guys think?  Does it make any difference? Any other suggestions to help make it more reader friendly?

Also, I was toying with the idea of putting up a sidebar with our medical and credit card debt - which I would update monthly.  Part of me thinks it would be a great motivator to see the numbers go down "publicly" but part of me worries it may be too much personal information.

I'm hoping to be back later this afternoon with a "real" post but we will see how my day works out.  While I didn't spend the weekend goofing off, my house sure looks like I did!

Have a great Monday!


  1. I like it....especially the water theme...totally appropriate

    1. Thanks and yeah the water theme seemed appropriate for Mama Fish! LOL

  2. I like the new look. Personally, I wouldn't add personal finance info because you will get people giving advice you probably don't want or need. I feel if you put things like that out there you are asking for advice. Cheryl

  3. I like the new look too! As for posting the numbers, yes you would invite a lot of scrutiny into personal matters but maybe you need this accountability? Not all input is bad, but certainly you'd open yourself up out there. A lot of bloggers looking to get out of debt do this, though. Maybe you can just post how much extra money you paid toward your debt, every month? Like if you decide that you're going to try to pay $100 extra towards debt each month, you can keep a running total of all the money you save in other areas that you will send to your creditors each month as well as money you might make from taking items to the consignment store, etc.

    Think about posting the actual balances carefully, especially since your husband is looking for a job right now. You don't reveal your name but I guess you never know what someone determined might find out.

    Also, the accountability part doesn't always work (has worked for me with food waste but not with my dieting and exercising, lol!).

  4. Nathalie and Cheryl, you both bring up very good points - ones that do leave me on the fence about what/how to post that information. I'm going to leave things as is and think on it awhile longer. =)

  5. I really like the changes. I agree with the ladies, don't post the financials.