Thursday, October 8, 2015

Running Around Today...

I feel like this is me today - although not as in shape or graceful!  

Today is crazy busy!  It's after one pm and this is the first time I have opened my laptop today - or even been home for that matter! 

I have been on the run since I dropped G2 off at school at 7:50 this morning!  But, it's been good stuff for the most part at least.  Here's what I have done so far...

*Met an old high school friend for breakfast - FREE since we take turns paying and it was her turn to "treat".  We chatted for a LOOOONG time because, hey that's what we do.  Haha

*Drove over to let out BFF's dog and spent a few minutes playing with her - so cute!

*Drove to the library to return books and then pick up/research new titles for Papa, G!, and G2.  I grabbed a Jodi Picoult book I haven't read yet while I was at it.

*Went to the bank to pull G1's monthly vocal lesson tuition out.

*In between errands, popped back home to switch clothes over from washer to dryer

Now, I am going to....

*Pick G1 up from school and drive her over to work

*Drive over to wait for G2 and friend to finish a project they are working on after school.  They aren't sure how long it's going to take so I will wait with some little projects I can do in the car.

*Come back home and get dinner going -- I changed the menu to a pork loin roast tonight so I can roast some acorn squash to go with it.  YUM!  But, not a great night to give myself extra work at dinner!

*Finish laundry and ironing

*Clean up kitchen after dinner.

*Walk the dog.  I only took her out in the yard today to do her "business" and she turns into a maniac if she doesn't get at least one walk in per day!

And I think that's it. It doesn't sound like so much after writing it down but I'm already getting tired!

I'll check back in to read everyone's blogs later on tonight hopefully!  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

Tomorrow I will fill you guy in on Papa's job stuff and a potential job that may have fallen into my lap at breakfast today!

I'm off again!  =)

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