Monday, October 19, 2015


Thank God It's Monday!!

There's a phrase you don't see everyday right?  But Monday is getting lots of love from me at the moment!

Don't get me wrong, this weekend was spectacular but now I need the silence and time that Monday can bring.  My house is trashed and I'm way behind on ironing and laundry.  So, thanks for coming back around Monday!  LOL

As I commented on my other posts, the Motley Crue concert was a blast - even without their drummer being able to play.  G1 was in sheer awe since she has never been to an arena show - like all of us '80's kids grew up on.  And, it was actually both of our first time seeing Alice Cooper - the man is pushing 70 years old and still puts on a great theatrical show!  But, here's an interesting little tidbit....I couldn't stand the opening band, The Cringe.  While the lead singer had a great voice, he was just too arrogant for my taste and the music too dated. (Yeah, Crue and Cooper are dated too but it's more nostalgia since they are established bands)  Anyway, guess what?  The lead singer of The Cringe was Rachel Ray's husband!  Hmmmmmm.....makes sense.  I'm not a Rachel Ray fan but do like some of her recipes.
The second concert of the weekend was pretty good.  However, I think we may have ruined smaller shows forever for G1.  This concert was a bit of a letdown after the previous night's over the top pyrotechnic display of awesome.  HAHA  I think the saving grace of the night (and a reminder of why small shows are good) was that we were able to meet and take a picture with one of our favorite bands - This Wild Life. Despite their name, they are two very talented mellow guys who play acoustic music. I grabbed a shirt for G2 and had them autograph it for her.  It set me back $20 for the shirt but G2 is thrilled to have it - even if she was unable to come to the show. 

As for G2's weekend...from what I heard yesterday, she had a great weekend too.  Friday night she had a lot of fun with her BFF and BFF's aunt - who spoils these two girls rotten!  Then she loved the Bar Mitzvah on Saturday - I heard in detail about how "fancy" the place was with all its chandeliers.  HAHA  Afterwards, G2 and her two friends went over to another good friend's house for his birthday party and had fun there too.  WE were HOME before HER actually on Saturday night!!!!  LOL

We all took it easy yesterday, laying around the house mostly - the Guppies in PJ's all day.  We had some family time playing card games and watching horror movies.  So, yup, a pretty LAAAAAZZZZZY Sunday!

Here's my "To Do" list for what I hope to be a very quiet Monday!

1.  Take the dog out for a walk ---DONE!
2.  Clean/vac family room  ---  DONE!
3.  Sweep living room (hardwood floors)
4.  Laundry - wash and fold four loads
5.  Iron Papa's work clothes --- DONE!
6.  Clean off dining room table - unfortunately I'm the one to blame for the mess there!
7.  Clean downstairs bathroom
8.  Start switching more of the summer style clothes out for our heavier ones
9.  Grab some more wood from outside pile for the fireplace --- DONE!

Do you guys have anything good planned for today?  Is Monday a friend or foe to you this week?

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