Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Freebie Fairy Came Again....

The Freebie Fairy (aka my BFF) dropped more goodies off at my house yesterday right before we headed out for Fright Fest!  And, yes!  I DO plan on telling her that this is now her nickname on my blog!  LOL

G1 was super psyched for what was in this batch!  She has been beggiung politely asking for an electric blanket (she gets cold very easily and I need the house on the cooler side) but didn't want to pay for it herself.  I also didn't feel like shelling out $50 plus dollars this close to Christmas! Well, I'm sure you have figured out what was in the goody bag!  LOL  I think she's going to hibernate under it all weekend!

Also in the bag....

1 pair of expensive ($70!) sweatpant material jeggings - I have no idea why she is getting rid of these!  I remember when she bought them!  Well, off to consignment they will go!

1 white sleeveless shirt - not mine or the girls style - too business like - consignment it goes

1 light pink Loft sweater - I love this! But, sadly it is way too small!  G2 may end up keeping it.  If not, well you know the drill!  =)

1 Loft necklace - consignment

1 set of earrings - G1 wants them for her second holes

Be back later on today with another post!

Happy Saturday!!!  And Halloween of course!!!

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