Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday's Freebies

My BFF is at her house out of stuff she doesn't want!  LOL

Some of the stuff she passes on really makes me laugh though!  Here's the latest round of "goodies" she passed on to me.

Three unopened travel sized toothpastes (LOL But I'll take them and save for if Papa has any more business travel)
2 new nail files
1 new bottle of pastel pink nail polish
1 unopened pack of dental floss threading things (no kidding!)
A bag of raspberry coffee (I'll be sending this off with Papa to work since all we have is a Keurig machine at home)


A gorgeous new over sized Pottery Barn tote - which I almost decided to keep but, sadly, it will be going to the consignment store for someone else to buy/enjoy since I could use $$ more than a new bag!  

Any good freebies come your way?  What's the weirdest freebie you have gotten recently?


  1. Freebies are awesome, no matter how weird, because they're saving you money or, in your case, even earning you some! Kudos for consigning the bag that you covet but don't really need. Are you going to try and reach a certain level of "side hustle money" every month to put toward your debt? I'd cheer you on if you kept some kind of tally :)

    My kids would probably think that the weirdest "freebie" are the discarded Coke bottle caps that I insist on picking up on the side of the road, lol. Otherwise, I guess the sample of Summer's Eve cleansing cloths that I ordered by mistake because I thought it would be some kind of CLEANING cloth and didn't register the name of the brand! LOL.

    1. I have been toying with the idea of creating a side bar to tally up my "side hustles" actually! I may add that at the beginning of November.
      Ummm...yeah those Summer's Eve cloths are not for regular cleaning! Hahaha!