Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When Office Billing People Go Bad....

Weird Vibe for this Tuesday.  This is my second post today - I took the first one down because I felt like it painted me in a horrible light when truly I am just in a bad mood today.  There's really no reason for me to be in a bad mood though - maybe it's PMS.  =)

Anyway, here's a story my mom told me this morning that will make you shake your head in awe....

Not even three weeks ago my dad went in for a colonoscopy.  Before the procedure was done, he had to meet with the doctor for a pre-procedure appointment.  (Btw, my dad is fine.  He was having this done since you are supposed to after a certain age)  I guess my parents weren't sure how this visit would be billed - lumped in with the actual procedure or a separate visit?  So, they found  out afterwards that it's considered an office visit and my dad's copay is $20 due at the end of the month.
Easy Peasy right?
The billing department has been HOUNDING my dad for the money.  They have been emailing, calling, and even texting him!  They have threatened that if payment isn't made in 90 days they will send him to collections.  Ummm, the payment isn't even technically due yet?!?!  Oh, and all these interactions have been happening DAILY!!!  Can you imagine?
A huge problem with my dad is that he can be too mild mannered about things so my mom didn't even know this was going on until they were quite a few days into this. 
My mom took charge and spoke with the billing department and told them that this borders on harassment (I disagree since I believe it IS harassment!) and to knock it off since the bill isn't even due yet!  Of course they apologized....because hey they got caught this time right?
And the real kicker is that this doctor doesn't even have his own billing department!  He outsources it...all the way to MAINE!

Have you ever heard of such an insane thing?!?!?!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  I'll be cleaning the house and trying to get rid of my bad attitude!  LOL

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