Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Unexpected Check & Getting Back on Blog Track

Well, maybe not THIS much cash but anything helps right now!

Yesterday there was an envelope from our insurance company in the mailbox,  My head told me it was probably just a form letter telling us that our insurance had been terminated, etc.  But my heart was literally screaming at me that it was a check.....My heart was right - It was a check - miracles of miracles!  It was another  (probably the last)  reimbursement installment for G2's braces.  The check was only for $250 but I am socking that right in the ol' bank account and tagging it to help pay for December and January's braces payments ($175/month).  Every little bit is going to help down the road.....

Over the past week and a half, I have discovered that I miss my daily blogging.  I miss the hour or so I leave myself in the morning to read everyone's posts.  My computer time has been so scattered or nonexistent and I'm not liking it at all.  Things here are beginning to find their "new and hopefully just for now" groove so it's time for me to get back too!  My goal is to start writing daily again...or at the very least every other day.  AND, keep up with everyone else's blogs on a daily basis.

Have a great Sunday all!


  1. That was a heck of a good surprise in the mail eh? I got an envelope from USPS yesterday marked "Critical Mail" and I had never received any such mail. Due to past situations with difficult family problems, my blood pressure shot up immediately, expecting some kind of legal document and I was dreading opening the envelope and it ended up being... the iTunes gift card that I had ordered from Staples! What.the.?!?

    I'm guessing your NaNoWriMo project is at a standstill too. It must be hard trying to make time for yourself right now with everything happening (holiday preparations, job situation). I always complain about having to do the mundane things but during a week like the upcoming one when school is out and Greg is off and everyone will be gone somewhere else, I know that I'm actually going to MISS the routine of getting up at a certain time, making breakfast, etc... I actually thrive on routine, even though I despise it at the same time. Are your kids off school the whole week as well? How was the concert you attended with the girls a couple of nights ago?

    1. Unfortunately NaNoWriMo is almost at a halt...however that is another thing I would like to get back on track for at least the beginning of next week. While I don't expect to finish to book before the end of November, it still has gotten a lot of the creative juices flowing and I have made progress so that's a definite plus. Papa has encouraged me to continue of course because he knows how much writing makes me happy/feel productive even if it hasn't brought us a dime....yet? LOL

      The kids go to school full day Monday & Tuesday with a half day on Wednesday. No school for the rest of the week after that obviously.

      While we still keep the routine of when to get up in the morning (since the girls still have to go to school LOL) everything else has been out of whack for sure! I've been spending a lot more time with Papa - which has been nice in a way since we realized how little downtime the two of us have had over the past three years - but that has screwed up my usual "old" schedule. There is a new rhythm for now at least which is starting to work.

      The concert was good. Thanks for asking. Actually I'm super proud of G1. She was on the fence about whether she really wanted to go - she liked the first band a lot, the second band somewhat, and the last band not really. G1 knew that G2's BFF (the one she has been friends with for over seven years and is like family) really loved one of the bands and decided to give her ticket to the BFF. G2 was so excited that G1 did this that she tackled her in a hug! It was very sweet!

    2. Awww, that was very nice of her! Teenagers always manage to surprise us, don't they?