Thursday, November 12, 2015

Everyone is Expendable

Currently what I am trying to do!

I'm not going to sugar coat it.  Yesterday afternoon was a disaster.  Papa got laid off.  Everyone was sad.  His boss was crying.  It came down to a matter of numbers.  Blah Blah Blah

Papa is crushed.  He thinks he has failed us, which is ridiculous!  He has been my rock through so many things and he had no idea this was coming.  Everyone knows the company shot themselves in the foot for the almighty dollar.  They will be lost without his knowledge because HE was the only one with a LOT of the necessary information.  But, that's not our problem anymore is it?

We have assured the guppies that everything will be fine.  And I know in my heart it will be.  Papa will find another job and will do everything and anything in his power to take care of us like he always has.  

We will go over his severance package later today - we gave ourselves yesterday to just soak in what happened.  From what we do know, we have about three months worth of bills completely taken care of. 

 What IS freaking me out is the fact that they have pulled our insurance away from us tomorrow!  So, the Guppies flu shots on Saturday aren't covered.  More importantly, G1's cardiology appointment won't be covered either.  I put a call into the pediatrician to get her honest opinion as to whether this is an appointment we can temporarily put off or not.  We have a long going relationship and I trust her opinion.  If she thinks it's something we should do immediately, we will find a way. And, of course almost all our meds are due for refills this weekend.  I will most likely pay out of pocket for them (as they are generic) and will deal with trying to get reimbursement from Cobra or whatever if possible later.  My big MS injections will have to be put on hold until Papa gets a new job.  There isn't any way we can swing the price of that medication.  It is what it is.

My blogging *may* be a little spotty over the next couple of weeks as we work this all out.  I'm not sure but I figured I should put that out there in case I go MIA once in awhile.

Honestly in my heart I KNOW this is a blessing.  Papa hated his job and can move on to bigger and better things that make him happy.  We will laugh about this next November - or at the very least be thankful it happened. Right now though, not so much.

Have a good Thursday everyone!


  1. Ohhhhh nooo. Many prayers being said for you and your family. Some advice for you...1) go through your pantry/fridge/freezer and take stock of everything you have. Plan as many meals as you can based on that. Save most of what you have in your remaining grocery budget. 2) go around your house and unplug every single thing that isn't being actively used. Phantom energy suckers increase your electric bills. 3) your local health department should administer flu shots for free.

    1. And I forgot to say, your blog can be a place where you voice your fears, receive moral support, and gain money saving ideas.

    2. Thanks Stephanie! And, yes, I did find out that thankfully the flu shots are being covered by the state for free.
      My blog is very small and still very new in the grand scheme of things but I do feel like I have a nice support system here so again, THANK YOU!
      I definitely have been unplugging everything, using the dryer less, and shutting of the heat when the Guppies are at school. (It goes on very low - 60 degrees - at night.) I will continue doing this until the cold weather hits for real.
      I will be scouring my favorite blogs for good advice! And if you or anyone else reading this has any, please share away!

  2. Oh TraceyBee, I'm so sorry! Of course we knew he was looking for something else and he's way ahead of other people since he already has his name out there, but it would have been nice if there had been an overlap with health insurance for sure. I'm very surprised that they pulled the insurance right away. When I got laid off, we were able to keep my benefits for several weeks prior to having to go on COBRA. With Obamacare in effect nowadays, perhaps signing up for that would be a better deal than COBRA? I just don't know anything about it so I can't advise at all, though.

    We're here for you if/when you need support. I'm sure your mind is going crazy right now so take a deep breath and when you can think straight, see what you might need/be able to cancel so you can start putting as much money as possible now: Netflix? Cable? Go down to a smaller cell phone package? Definitely food expenses (that's usually the one area where people can cut the most)... I know you're already being careful in a lot of those areas so I'm not sure where else you might be able to economize.

    I hope he finds something soon. ((hugs)) to both.

    1. I've been complaining about this company's insurance for like ever! LOL Yeah, it's crazy that they are cutting it off so quickly. Two days notice! Really guys?
      Thanks for offering the support! I will probably need it as we transition over the next few weeks.
      Looking over Papa's initial package, they gave him no real direction. (How to apply for unemployment, transfer 401K, etc.) I truly hope there will be an additional package sent home but I doubt it.
      We do know that COBRA would be almost 2K per month though! Not even close to doable. I will be looking into all that tomorrow.
      It's crazy that we didn't see this coming at all! The people they let go yesterday were all people who the company really needed and they/we were all blindsided.
      As much as I do complain about them at times, my parents are being great in this. While they aren't always Papa's biggest fan, they know that he will be getting one/two/three jobs to support us. They know he will do whatever it takes to take care of us and have actually said that. They are offering to help with gaps as needed. But, truthfully I want there to be as few monetary gaps as possible.
      I will be looking to cut any and all extra costs. There are some things already paid for that we will be still be doing (trip to Long Island tomorrow and a concert the following Friday). After that, everything will be carefully weighed. As of right now, we will be keeping the guppies music lessons but they know if it takes too long for Papa to find a job, those lessons may be on the chopping block.
      We will get through this though. I have the utmost faith in Papa.

    2. I'm glad your parents are being supportive. Even if they might not be his biggest fans as you say, they realize that you all need the support and it's not his fault. TraceyBee, I'm really thinking about you a lot. Check this website that I found and that explains the layoff laws in CT... how big is his firm? Are they closing or relocating an office? They might have no choice but to continue coverage for 120 days... I was in Florida when I got laid off over 10 years ago but I'm pretty sure we kept my coverage for 6 months as well before having to go on COBRA. But in my case, they were closing our whole Animation Studio and we had over 100 people affected.

      Also, check this CT Law Firm's Layoff Survival Guide at

      And here is the CT unemployment office website


    3. Awww.thanks Nathalie! I will definitely have Papa check out that website! No, the whole company is not effected. Basically all the VP's had to cut x amount of dollars and it was Papa that landed on the chopping block. He said he was thinking more about it and thinks our health problems came into play. The company was "self insured" meaning I guess they paid Cigna to administrate but the company does all the payouts for bills. In the eight years Papa was there, we have all had issues. G2 had her appendix out. G1 had a medical issue that required two doctors and a therapist, Papa had a LOT of issues where they thought he had Mennieres (sp) disease and had a ton of tests. And then there's me with my MS. We are fairly sure this all came into play as Papa was deemed too expensive to keep.
      UPS was here a few minutes ago and dropped off another more detailed packet - plus a check for Papa's unused vacation time. We will fully go through that tomorrow morning as there are papers to sign and we want to make sure we are fresh/alert before signing anything.
      We will definitely check those links you left me though! It was so sweet of you to do for us!
      Hugs back and thanks for being a great fellow internet blogger/friend to me! =)

    4. Yes, I fear he might be right... which would really stink. I'm always thinking that they might look at that too for us when they decide who to lay off at Greg's job because we have all 6 kids covered on his plan. Thankfully my kids are also covered by their dad's plan and I'm pretty sure my stepdaughters are also covered by their mother's plan (military) and we're all pretty healthy (although one stepdaughter is pregnant) so we don't have a lot of claims, but certainly it costs his employer more than if he didn't have any kids. The cost would be the same whether they're all covered or just one so we just keep them on the policy until they age out (or Greg gets laid off. Sad to say but when you reach your late 40s, you start thinking about that more and more since it seems that they love to target middle age and older people to save money of course).
      Yes, definitely take your time before signing anything and make copies of everything that you sign for yourselves, especially if you might be legal recourse if it turns out that they did lay him off because of your health issues... which is probably not legal, but I don't know. Do you know anyone who is a lawyer who might know a labor relations lawyer who might be able to look over the documents?

  3. isn't te time to freak out. After you read this you need to contact the state to see about emergency husky coverage for the guppies. Especially since you have a cardiologist appointment - there must be a safety net for this kind of stuff.

    Next contact the maker of the MS medicines you take. A friend of mine has RA and her injections (given at home) has a discount she qualifies for, she didn't when she was working at the last company because they had great insurance. Plus you see it on the ads all the time there are ways the drug companies can help with the costs.

    Next call the pharmacy and see if you can pick up the prescriptions a day early - like this afternoon....doesn't hurt to ask

    Last make a nice dinner, hug the family and be thankful that you have a little cushion and each other.

    Will be thinking of you guys!!

    1. Thanks! Papa has insurance until tomorrow at midnight since he is technically still employed since they are paying him through tomorrow. I have placed calls to have all prescriptions that were close enough to be refilled done by tomorrow afternoon. My pharmacy is being slow so that's freaking me out a little bit. One prescription got denied by the doctor's office (large practice) so I called them, explained it to the secretary, and that one is going to be put through for a 90 day supply.
      I will call the makers of Copaxone but I gotta say that I am not hopeful with this one. The medication is 3.5K per month so I don't think we can swing this unless it is close to a 100 percent discount. To be completely honest, my neurologist was considering changing to a different med since this one may be losing its efficacy.
      I will be looking into husky/obamacare stuff tomorrow morning. COBRA would cost us almost 2K per month and not doable. I haven't heard back from the pediatrician yet as to whether or not G1 can wait on this issue. I need to know if this is being done as mostly reassurance to G1 because of her anxiety or if they think there is a serious issue. (The doctor we saw this week didn't hear any racing or abnormalities.)
      I'm doing my best to keep everyone else calm and trying to stay as chipper as I can. We have never faced a lay off before so this is a whole new ballgame for us.
      I know it's going to get better though. This is temporary. We will be careful and we will get through.

  4. Wonder if the company found out your dh was looking for a new job? Here in PA kids can get free health care called chips, I would image most states would do the same. That is terrible that they just dropped your insurance that fast. I would also call for all those meds your family needs and explain you need them refilled now. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl, totally did that and all prescriptions will be filled and picked up by tomorrow afternoon. (Insurance runs out at midnight tomorrow)
      They do have something called Husky here for kids - will be looking at that tomorrow.
      I don't think his job search came into play at all. It was still a numbers game and someone had to get cut. =(

  5. TrayceeBee - my husband is on Humira, a biologic that is about the same amount of money per month as your MS medication. Humira has a program through which people who are underinsured and/or uninsured can get their medication for $5 a month. We had to use it when my husband's company's poor insurance coverage went to even poorer coverage. Your doctor's office would have to coordinate it, but it's worth asking about. I also recommend applying for Husky.

    1. It's definitely worth the try. I know they have been trying to keep clients on Copaxone - I already had a zero deductible through them with Papa's insurance - because people are trying to dump the injections and go to the new MS pills instead. I'll call them later today and see what they say.

  6. Everyone is giving you such great advice. I would just be echoing most of it. We are ALL here to support you Traycee. Lean on us so that you don't hold worries in.

    1. Thank you Sandie! That truly means a lot to me! =)