Saturday, November 7, 2015

Late Post...

I planned on blogging earlier this morning but as I sat down at my computer, Guppy 1 and her BFF had other plans...They wanted another adventure.  After a brief debate and quick scramble, the three of us were off in the car to drive to the remains of an abandoned town in Cornwall.  It's actually a gorgeous hike and not the supposed haunted creepy place so many people claim.  So even though my plans for a simple Saturday were dashed, it was still a nice afternoon out with my oldest kiddo and her friend.

On the grocery front....the house is pretty well stocked at the moment - actually a bit better than I originally thought.  My goal is to not do a shopping trip at all next least until Friday.  Wish me luck!  LOL  Between tonight and tomorrow I plan on writing out a menu plan.  I have been slacking a little with the formal plan and trying to fly by the seats of my pants a bit.  It doesn't make me feel as in control as the written menu plan does so time to get back to it!

On the health front....Well since I said I went hiking today, you can guess that I am feeling better.  Almost back to my "normal" self which makes me happy!  I think it makes the rest of the family happy too!  LOL
However on Guppy 1's health....We have an appointment with her pediatrician on Monday morning.  She has been having some heart fluttering and a LOT of migraine headaches.  The two may be a link between the two and it may go back to a medical issue she had during late sixth through eighth grade.  I'm hoping it's nothing but I think we may end up at Yale Cardiology to rule stuff out.

On Papa's job front.....He has been getting information on jobs daily but nothing caught his eye until one a couple of days ago.  He'll be sending his resume out on Monday.  It's still farther away than we would like him to travel every day but it's a higher position than he has currently.  It's also a company he's extremely familiar with and it's within the field he is in.
And... He literally just told me as I am sitting here typing this that he got a few phone calls last week about job positions that he may be interested in too.

On the strange front....My mother in law's car literally burst into flames this past Thursday!  She smelled "something funny" and pulled over.  A guy who was weed whacking nearby ran up to her and told her to get out of the car because it was on fire!  She was fine and laughed that her car "really went out in style".  There was even video of it on a local website!  Scary to say the least!

Okay well this is already really late so I'll end here!  Hope you all had a great day!!!!


  1. Oh my word... that must have been terrifying for your MIL! I'm glad she's OK!

    Good luck to your husband, it sounds like he has a few irons in the fire and that's great!

    And you got to hike and spend time with your daughter, yay! I hope her health issues are minor, keeping my fingers crossed for her.

    I've been flying by the seat of my pants a lot too for the past 2 weeks and I really ought to make time to draft a menu plan. But first I have got to clean my fridge and I didn't get to it today. Greg will be monopolizing the TV all day for football tomorrow so maybe I'll finally get the time and energy to do that!

  2. Crazy story about the car. I have no idea how that can happen with all this technology but glad she is okay. Glad you are feeling better too.