Saturday, November 28, 2015

More from the Freebie Fairy....

The Freebie Fairy (aka my best friend) stopped by with another bag of "goodies" yesterday...Here's what it included:

A gorgeous short black jacket (sadly too small for my chest so I think it's heading to consignment)
Two heavy duty pyrex style glass containers with lids
One large soup mug with lid (just saw these at Kohl's and wanted one!  Glad I didn't buy it!)
A roll of parchment paper (she was done baking and didn't need the extra roll)
A sleeveless tan & cream striped blouse (I may keep since I can layer a sweater over it)
A large tan and cream tote style bag (keeping this to corral all my library books/magazines)

When I bring the coat to consignment, I will probably check in and see what my current balance is.  Last time I checked it was a paltry $5 so I didn't cash it out.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


  1. I thought of you today, as I was gifted by a friend three beautiful brand new expensive and fancy bras that were the wrong size for her. I never would have spent money on such fancies but love having them!

    1. Ooooh! Love that happened to you! Sadly the best friend and I aren't anywhere near the same bra size so that won't be happening here! =)