Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1ST!!!

Well, it's November 1st!  Time to see what this month brings!

I will say that I am honestly glad Halloween is OVER!  Guppy 2 did not decide on her costume until literally 3:30 yesterday afternoon!  Guppy 1 and I brainstormed hard for her and she was just sooo picky!  By the way Nathalie -- we cobbled together an absolutely adorable Lilo outfit that she ended up turning down! Haha! After ninety frustrating minutes, Guppy 2 was back out on her a.....BABY!  Her costume ended up being PJ's, slippers, her hair in pig tails and bows, and a stuffy.  In the end, she just wanted something comfy and warm.  Warm was very good for last night since it was quite brisk here in CT!  On the way over to meeting her friends, I told her that NEXT year, no matter what she was planning on doing, she would NOT be waiting until the last minute to decide on her costume since it stressed her AND her sister and me out too much.  She agreed and ended up having a great time with her friends.
As for the three of us (Papa, G1, and me), we gave out candy - we had only about 15 kids come to our door - and watched horror movies/tv shows.  G1 had a chance to go to a Halloween party but the person throwing it invited her as his date so she politely declined since she (sort of) has a boyfriend.

Even with turning back the clocks, I am DRAAAAGGGGING this morning!  I have a long list of stuff to do around the house today!  AND.....

NANOWRIMO starts today!  For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, NANOWRIMO stands for National Novel Writing Month!  My favorite writing month of the year!  For some reason, just having this "official" website makes me feel better about spending time working on my book!  It feels more "justified" or something.  So, I plan on (hopefully) finishing the first draft by the end of November!

Which means I need to be on top of the daily household chores (and getting started on Christmas!) as much as possible!

I need to end here because G2's Chromebook is malfunctioning and she needs my computer!  I am hoping to be back later today to update the October Grocery Budget totals -- it's not pretty!

Have a great Sunday everyone!  =)

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