Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November Grocery Budget and First (Small) Trip

It's November so it's time to set the new grocery budget for the month! After giving it some very serious thought, I'm setting this month's budget at $650.00.  Yes, that's a pretty large increase from my usual $500 but I am hosting Thanksgiving and will be hosting Christmas in December.  And, I am the only one in either Papa or my family that does any heavy Christmas baking so I want some wiggle room to be able to stockpile any deals on baking supplies.  Even with this increase, I am going to need some discipline and a decent plan in place.

The "decent plan" is something I need to work on at some point today....Case in point was last night although honestly it could have been worse....

We had tickets to a concert the next town over but I hadn't realized what time the doors opened for it.  This was a pretty important bit of information because 1. The venue is tiny  2. It's standing room (general admission) only  3.  The concert was sold out.   My "ideas" for dinner were not going to work and still get us out in time for the show!  Rather than getting fast food on the way, I ran over to the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed and an already cooked chicken.  Buying a store rotisserie chicken isn't very frugal but it did help us from eating out and spending more money.

Here's what I spent:


1 (8 count) croissants
1 pint of Hood light cream
3/4 lb S&S deli american cheese
6 pack of diet Snapple
2 1.25 liters of diet Coke
1 rotisserie chicken *
1 5 lb bag of Yukon Gold potatoes

How was I able to spend so little?  I had an old Visa gift card kicking around in my wallet with a small balance (around $10) on it.  I am not counting that against my budget but treating it more like I would a coupon or rebate since I have had this card for soooo long.


*That little chicken fed us dinner last night, plus I was able to give the leftover leg and sides to Papa today for lunch, AND I still have enough left to make another meal for this week!  

Have a great Tuesday all!

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