Monday, November 2, 2015

October Grocery Totals...

Whelp...It's pretty official....I blew October's Grocery Budget.  I wish I had some *good* excuse for it but, sadly, I don't.  I thought about skipping this post entirely but, since I have all my receipts and did keep track, that wouldn't change my end result now would it?  Anyway, I'm human.  I'm still very new at trying to keep track of all this and stay accountable.  I want to "forgive" myself for another messed up month but also try to get it right for the rest of the year.  I'm not going to give up!  Honestly, I know the damage could would have been much much worse if I wasn't attempting to track.

I have my receipts in front of me but I'm not going to go through each and every item on them.  I normally do like to post a list of items that I buy so I can go back and keep track too.  But, last month fried me. All I am going to do now is total them all out so we can all see how much I went "over".

Stop and Shop Trip #1:  $17.40
Stop and Shop Trip #2:  41.63
Big Y Trip:  29.20

I only had $57.23 left in my regular October grocery budget along with $73.20 in my "stock up" budget.

October Grocery Overage Amount:  $31.00  (Deducted from what was supposed to be my stock up budget so I could stay "in the black")

I know I may seem to be overreacting a tad.  And, truth is, I probably am.  I guess I am just feeling a little bit guilty because of the Costco trip we also received in October.  I feel like staying within the October budget should have been fairly easy.  It wasn't.


Like I said, I am NOT going to give up!  We are in a new month now and I have a whole new chance to succeed!  And, I definitely am learning a LOT about my family's habits!  (And most definitely my OWN!)

This isn't the end of the world by any means
I have to think about November's budget amount since we host Thanksgiving.  I'll probably post about that tomorrow.

Onward and Upward!

Happy Monday all!


  1. By the end of the month I also have fallen on my more energy, no more motivation and no more money. But you are right. It would be a whole lot worse if I hadn't tried to stay on track and be accountable. The fact that you have a "stock up" fund is commendable. The overage was probably indeed a stock up to some degree. It may reflect in your totals next month when you discover that you don't need to buy as much because you bought it already this month.

    1. It seems I am in good company with the October mishaps! LOL
      I really wish I could say that it WAS stock up but sadly I know it wasn't. At this point I can see a LOT of empty space in my fridge's freezer - which I am using as a positive so I can reorganize and use up what has been lurking there for ages. =)

  2. I was actually under this month which was a surprise because I thought that I was going to go over but I never made it to store to get the chicken at the end of the month which is a blessing and curse. I have already made two trips to the store for November so this month is looking like it might go over :)

    1. I would love to come under budget! I'm thinking that won't happen until next year though with the holidays coming up! It would be nice to be "at" budget for November though! =)