Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After Coma.....

How I feel today!!!!

Even with a great plan in place AND having Papa home to share the load leading up to the big day, Thanksgiving Day did me in.  Don't get me wrong....It was actually a very nice day (one of the nicest Thanksgivings we have had in quite a few years actually) but all the running from Papa's aunt's house for dinner than back to ours to have another dinner was exhausting!  I'm sure the whopper of a cold I have didn't help either. is a day for (mostly) relaxing.  

G2 has garage band practice today at 1 pm instead of the usual evening time since all the kids are off from school.  Papa usually brings her alone but I may go with him today.  The place she practices is about fifteen minutes away from a mall and I have NEVER been out on Black Friday.  I mean NEVER!  I'm sure I'm not missing much but I kinda want to see the train wreck that it is, you know? Though I think by 1pm, all the pushing and shoving will probably be over, right?

I can't remember if I already said this -and am too lazy to check my recent posts- so I'm sorry if I am repeating myself here....Papa signed the severance paperwork and we sent it out last Monday.  He went back and forth a little with the HR department about the insurance stuff but they weren't budging and insisted that, no matter what, we were off their insurance effective 11/13.  Fine.  At this point, we just don't have the ability to fight them (aka hire a lawyer) on this.  They did give him an additional week of severance since he was almost there nine years - originally they only credited him for eight.  Even though the paperwork could have been sent back postage paid, I had a nagging feeling to not do it that way.  I spent the extra money and went to the post office to send it certified with receipt requested.  I want my paper trail! 

The severance check won't get deposited until probably next Friday - there is a clause that Papa has a week to change his mind and revoke it.  Until then, we are fine.  I have been fairly careful with the money Papa got this month (one last paycheck and unused vacation check) so I'm not worried.

I am slightly bummed that I can't really take advantage of any of the cyber deals that are hitting the web.  I want to start Christmas shopping and I guess I could if I really wanted.  But, that isn't the prudent thing to do. Christmas shopping will have to wait until the big check is deposited in our account and I know what we have AND budget out our expenses for the next few months.  I am very happy that the girls are older and I don't have to worry as much about getting the latest greatest toy under the tree.  My years of playing Santa and pulling off near impossible feats of the "it" toy procurement are over!  LOL

It's after ten am so I guess I should go take a shower and get dressed for the day...if I could shake this coma of mine!

Do any of you go out on Black Friday?  If so, am I really missing anything? How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving?


  1. I actually went to BJs for a Black Friday deal - new blender. The kids almost wore out my college one making smoothies - it's in its last legs...needs to limp along for another month. It's getting wrapped as a family present - that was my run for the day. Might do a quick run to Walmart later - mostly for s$g

    1. We ended up at the Trumbull mall..Not impressed with any of the deals really. I am thinking that most of the deals at the clothing stores will still be going on next week and the week after. Place was PACKED though! It took us twenty minutes to find any parking space at all!
      Great idea about turning the blender into a family gift - since everyone uses it!!

  2. I took my grandmother (still spunky at 98) out for lunch. Before that I hit CVS for the stocking stuffer ECB deals. Took her home and hit Westbrook outlets, only purchased at Williams Sonoma and Peppridge Farm (bread, crackers). Then Joann Fabrics and TJ Maxx. Was surprised at how in crowded all my choices were.

    1. Wow! 98?!?! That's incredible!
      I heard Westbrook (and Clinton I think) opened in the evening on Thanksgiving and stayed open all night into Friday! I wonder how well that worked out for their financial bottom line....
      I wish I had thought of running to CVS for some stocking stuffers - I bet they had some decent sales. I don't know how it happens, but those stockings suck up a TON of money here! At least the Guppies stockings do! LOL