Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Flu Shot Blues

 I used to never get a flu shot.  I made sure the Guppies always did and Papa would get it through his job.  But me?  I passed because of my aversion to needles.  ( Joke was on me considering I have to get injections all the time now!)  Well, ever since being diagnosed with MS, I get my flu shot.  It's recommended all people with auto-immune diseases get it and it's pretty important I don't get sick.

So, this past Tuesday I went and got my shot.  I expected the usual symptoms (arm tenderness).  Well, usual is NOT what I got. Yesterday my MS symptoms were RAGING to the point where Papa thought I was going to have to see the neurologist ASAP!  I was panicking because I could barely walk without pain!

And, then, as I was walking by the bakery at the grocery store yesterday morning - because I HAD to go grab a few things because the house was actually getting bare - I thought I was going to throw up from the smell of bread.  This is not me!  Trust me, I have never turned down any type of bread!  LOL  So...I began to wonder if it was flu shot related...

A call to my favorite nurse (aka Mom) verified that yes, I could be having a reaction to the flu shot.  And in the past I thought everyone who complained about having flu symptoms after getting the vaccine were just being babies.  Who knew?

I slept almost the entire day away yesterday - if you don't count waking up with fever, chills, and muscle cramps every hour.  I did get up to make everyone else dinner - because I did NOT go to that stinking grocery store for nothing!  Haha!

This morning I feel wiped out but way better than yesterday.  Am I still happy I got the flu shot?  Absolutely! One miserable day is soooo much better than what getting the flu would do to me!  Plus, I am actually happy that my ailments yesterday isn't my MS getting worse but a byproduct of my vaccine.

Papa tried his best to take care of the things that absolutely needed to be done (like loading the dishwasher after dinner and getting the dog out for a walk)  but there's still so much to do!  Today I will be slowly trying to catch up.

And I will try to post my grocery trip later this afternoon too because I want to keep up with that!

So, question to you guys....Do you get a flu vaccination?  If you do, do you have any flu-like symptoms afterwards?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Dang, if that's the reaction you get to the vaccine, imagine how sick you'd be if you actually got the flu! I got the flu shot a few times but not in recent years. I get my daughter to get it since her annual physical is always smack in the middle of flu vaccine season (so it gets done at the pediatrician's and it's covered by our insurance) and she used to play team sports in the Fall anyway, but I haven't had my youngest son get it... out of laziness and cheapness mostly. Going to the Dr's right now when tons of people are sick will probably result in him actually getting sick (because that always seems to happen!) and getting the shot at Walgreens or some other clinic like that results in my insurance denying the claim. Those are lousy excuses but he's healthy and I've read that the vaccine only protects against something like 20% of the strains of flu so I'm not sweating it. I would if he had a condition like yours though.

    Make sure to put a note on your calendar to remind you NOT to run any errands the day after the next vaccine, though. You wouldn't want to faint while driving or anything like that. I'm glad you feel better. Take it easy today so you don't get sick from overdoing it!

  2. I haven't got mine yet, but soon. Just about every pharmacy in town offers free flu shots so there is no excuse. Because my husband has a transplanted kidney and is on anti-rejection drugs, he has to get the flu and pneumonia shots.If he feels a little punky after getting these shots, it isn't bad. It certainly isn't as bad as what you described here. I hope it doesn't take long for you to feel your best.

  3. First time I've had this sort of reaction! Let's hope it's the last too! =)

  4. I get the shot for my kid and we don't get it. Aren't I horrible? I force something on my kid that I don't even do but they share all those germs at school and if he doesn't get it then he doesn't bring it home to us right? Anyway, sorry you had the bad reaction but I hear that it is really common even with the not live version. UGH!!

  5. Sorry to hear it sent your MS symptoms into overdrive. One of my co-workers had that reaction, too. It laid him up for a few days. Glad you are feeling better and you're right, what would the full-blown flu have done to you if this is just the reaction to the shot? Chances are it would not have been pretty!