Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Guppies Update....

Just a quick(ish) post on the Guppies today....

Guppy 1.....  Although we didn't get to see our normal pediatrician in the practice yesterday, we did see one of her partners.  This doctor was very nice and reassuring.  (Papa joked and said our regular pedi must take amazing notes during visits because this doc was up to speed on everything!)   We need to get G1 to a neurologist for the migraines - no problem there since I know a very good one (haha!) that will indeed take teenagers her age.  And later this morning, I need to call Yale Cardiology to get an appointment for some testing to rule out arrhythmia.  Papa and I are still concerned about another condition (that may have arisen from a prior illness) which we will ask the cardiologist about.  Guppy 1 had some routine blood work drawn along with some specific checks on iron and other vitamins yesterday before we dropped her off back at school for the last few hours.  (She was NOT pleased to have to go back and wanted "a pass" on finishing the school day.  LOL)  For now we are trying to stay calm since it's likely that whatever is going on (if anything significant) is treatable.  She will always be my complicated kiddo - but I wouldn't want her any other way that how/who she is!

Guppy 2..... For those of you who may not remember my post about this.....G2 was issued a chrome book from school at the beginning of seventh grade last year.  The students are to keep the chrome books throughout their time at middle school  (7th & 8th grade).  We were offered to buy into an insurance plan and the school ran a special deal - discounting the insurance to $100 for both years if we paid last year.   I know my daughter (I love the kid to death but she has broken three laptop computers in the past five or so years!)  so we did the insurance.  And now you know where I am going with this...Yesterday it happened.  The screen of the chrome book was smashed and she isn't sure how.  I stayed calm while asking her about it.  (I really really did stay calm!)  And I told her it didn't matter to me how she broke it.  She still said she had no clue what happened.  All she could come up with was that she may have been holding it closed too tightly. G2 brought it in early this morning to go to the office to ask for a loaner and get hers repaired.  She had it back by the end of the day and so far I haven't heard anything from the school about it.  I believe they get the first repair "free" but wasn't sure if that would happen or not since this was a pretty big repair.  If I end up having to pay anything, I'll let you guys know!  But, for right now, all I can say is that it was $100 well spent!

Okay...Well hopefully today will be a more regular kind of day since those plans I had on Sunday to accomplish didn't all happen - besides the baking!  Time to get cracking I guess!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. That $100 hurt to give but you were wise to pay it! I hope G1 is OK. (hugs). Good luck on your baking!

    1. Thanks! Sorry it took so long to see this comment! Things have been really crazy here.