Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Kindness of People

Even with the financial and emotional stress that has been placed on my family, there is still so much good in our lives!  We haven't made a big announcement or anything about Papa getting laid off, but, when as people and friends find out, they truly care and want to help!

While this craziness that is our life at the moment continues, I think I would like to highlight some of the good/kind things in our life.  Today I would like to share two:

The first one is someone from the blogging community - you know who you are!  =)  As we discovered, she and I live fairly close to each other in Connecticut (about 20ish minutes away).  Sunday she reached out to me via email to offer a place to vent/share a cup of coffee with her if I needed.  It meant more than anyone could imagine and the timing was near perfect because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at that time trying to start to sift through healthcare red tape.  Just having her reach out helped me feel more grounded.

The second one was from G2's Garage Band teacher.  As long time readers know, G2 plays drums and used to be in a garage band.  Once the bassist left the band, the garage band lessons stopped.  Last week, the teacher emailed us saying he found a replacement bassist and a singer so he wants to start up again.  Not great timing, huh?  He wants them to play a concert in January so needs to get practices in before then.  We were at a loss as to what to do.  G2 LOVES the other girl left in the group and seriously ADORES this teacher - as do we!  Truthfully, as much as we love her "regular" drum teacher (who comes to our house twice a month), we love the garage band teacher a million times more.  Anyway, I emailed him back and told him the truth in a very matter of fact manner:  Papa lost his job, G2 loves garage band, how many times/much $$ are we talking before the January concert so we can budget it out, etc.  The teacher emailed us back, said how sorry he was, and cut our cost for practices by 1/3rd!  We were touched and actually very floored because we did not and would never use our situation for economic gain.

Anyway, while I am sure I will have "my days" where I will be venting on this blog, I think it's important to keep track of the kindness too, don't you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. We should always be there to help each other, how nice people are. :) I love that the garage band teacher extended some help, we try to do that at our studio too. It's about the kids after all.

    1. G2's teacher is one of the few that we consider to be in his profession for the "right" reasons. (I have a very strong feeling YOU are included in that group!) We haven't had to approach G2's actual drum teacher or G1's vocal teacher yet about the situation. I'm hopeful we won't have to since I have tried to budget away those expenses too.