Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Little Things Add Up....

Little things have a cumulative effect right?  I hope so!  After yesterday's post about the groceries, I figured I needed to write this for my own morale.  LOL

Here are some of the "little things" we have been doing lately to try to save some money!  Nothing on this list is earth shattering or new.  Truthfully, some of the stuff I have been doing for awhile and some I should have been doing all along.....

1. Keeping the heat very low (62) when it's on OR turning it off during the day when it's only me & Papa
2. Only charging my laptop when completely necessary instead of plugging it in frequently
3.  Turning off desktop gaming computer when not in use - huge electric drain there!
4.  Hanging clothes back up that aren't dirty/have only been worn once (besides underwear & socks!!!)
5.  Having Papa cut my bangs, let my hair grow, and try to color it myself  (savings of $150 per cut & color)
6.  Using/repurposing all leftover foods
7.  Taking a good look at anything/everything before I throw it out to see if it can be reused in some way
8.  Unplugging all electronics when not in use
9.  Using the library instead of the bookstore or Kindle (even those $1.99 books add up!)
10. Bringing unwanted things to consignment
11.Using up my stash of cleaning supplies then switching to cheaper/natural options
12.Lining the little critter cages with newspaper first before adding a layer of more expensive bedding
13.Showering every other day - now that it's winter my skin dries out super fast so I do this as I can.
14.Charging my cell phone in the car while driving
15.Using only our bank ATM or getting $$ back at stores to avoid ATM fees

That's all I can think of right now, though I am fairly sure my list is incomplete.

So, I'm turning to you....What little things do you do to save some money?  What would you add to my list?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. *Menu plan for the week with items you already have at home.
    *Stock up on loss leaders at the grocery store each week. They normally run in 6 week cycles. Buy enough to last until the next sale.
    *Shop for your breads and pastries at a discount bread store. Or better yet, make your own.
    *Print coupons
    *Have a use it up challenge in your home. (I need to do this as well!) If you're like me, I have a ton of partially used shampoos, lotions, body washes in our bathrooms. In my kitchen, I have opened chocolate syrup, chicken broth, etc that I need to use.
    *Use cloth napkins instead of paper. Use kitchen towels in place of paper towels.

    1. Stephanie,
      I do try to do a menu plan every week - although I definitely could be more diligent!
      Loss leaders and coupons need to be my new best friends!
      Great idea about the discount bread store! I will do a google search to see what's nearby.
      I love the use it up challenge! I have done them in the past - mostly with groceries. What a great idea to do it with other household items like shampoos and soaps! I have a ton of small bottles/samples laying around the house so that's going into effect now!
      I don't buy many paper towels (maybe a roll or two each year!) but I do use paper napkins. Using cloth is something I should consider for sure!
      Thanks so much for the awesome suggestions!!!

  2. Your list is awesome! I have an acquaintance who unplugs everything electric that's not in use. She said it saves a significant amount of money every month.

    One of the things we've also done is to use the WWII mantra of: Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without. It was very helpful this summer when things were particularly tight financially. Usually I purchase more clothing items for the kids, but we just didn't have the $$ this year, so I purchased three pairs of shorts for my daughter and my son made do with hand-me-downs. We just made do with what we had and it really was fine. The kids still played, had fun, etc.

    Another thing I did, and I do regularly, was/is to renegotiate all flexible expenses. For example, we had a promotional cable/phone/internet deal that included a significant number of cable channels, faster internet, and unlimited phone on our landline. However, when things got really tight, I called to cancel our cable. The cable company renegotiated with us and we have a much smaller cable package, but we're only paying $72 a month instead of $120 for all three services. Internet alone would be $49.95 typically. Over the course of a year, that savings is almost $600. (We're homeschoolers, so internet really isn't an optional expense.)

    Stephanie's suggestions are awesome, too!

    1. You know, I really think a lot of it has to do with how you approach the situation. Like you said, the kids still had fun this summer so in reality all was fine.
      I'm trying very hard to reformulate my negative thoughts into positive ones. And truthfully, we are fine at the moment - just need to keep a close eye on every penny until Papa finds a new job.
      I love the idea of renegotiating flexible expenses. I will be looking for any opportunity to do that this coming month!

  3. Do you or your kids have friends that you you like to invite to a "swap" party. This can be for clothes, books, DVD's, CD's, household items, etc.... Have every one bring a finger food and something to drink. Put everything out on tables according to what category it falls into and draw numbers. The lowest / or highest number starts first and then you go around the circle of people and you are allowed to go and pick one thing. When everyone has one "new" to them thing you start over until either everything is gone or you are done picking what you want.
    That's just one fun way to get new things you might need. Plus the fun of company / a mini party. Kids can do this too with minimal adult supervision according to their age.

    1. What a great (and FUN) idea! While Papa and I don't have many friends that live in town, G2 and her friends could have a blast with this! Thanks!!!!