Friday, November 6, 2015

This Week's Freebies

It's been another fairly busy week of freebies!  Here's what came across my path!

From my BFF:

2 nail polishes
2 pairs of new fuzzy/heavy socks (she decided she didn't like the color)
3 cocktail glasses (I will consign two since even numbers are more desirable)
8 champagne flutes (consigning these)
1 small but heavy silver frame (off to the consignment store)
Cake cookbook & Pizza cookbook (consignment store doesn't take these- need to find another way to sell)

From my mom:

a baggie full of coke bottle caps (for the MCR codes!)
14 full sized Hershey bars (leftover Halloween candy)
10 full sized Kit Kat bars (leftovers)
3 full sized Twix bars (leftovers)
1 Milky Way bar (leftover)

On the ground:

While walking the dog I saw a CVS receipt on the ground that caught my eye..It had a $2 ECB on it!  No one was around and it looked like it had been there awhile.  I have until 11/18 to try to use it.  Think CVS will honor it even though it's not my card?  I'll let you know if they do!

Any good freebies come your way this week?


  1. Great freebies! I love that you counted the Halloween candy stash as freebies... well, they are, aren't they? LoL.

    CVS won't accept the ECB without the card. I don't think that they would have accepted it before they recently tightened their rules about no longer accepting expired store coupons and ECBs but I feel very confident in saying that there is no way they'll take it now. But of course it never hurts to ask. It's annoying to see people wasting free money like this when WE could use it, right?

    Did you get to input your bottle caps into MCR during the double point promo that ended yesterday? I got an email from them saying that they'll give me $20 to spend on Shutterfly if I enter just 1 bottle cap code by a certain date in November so I'll be scanning all the parking lots for discarded bottles as I run errands later on!

    Have a great Friday. Are you completely recovered from your flu shot reaction?

    1. Boo about the ECB! I wasn't sure if they would or not! Maybe I will wait and try during a time when they aren't too busy! I don't know if it's even worth it now. I'll think about it I guess and I'll let you know what I decide.
      Yes! I did get my double MCR code points!! Yay! I got that email regarding Shutterfly too but, when I put my code in, nothing happened!?!? I also searched "Shutterfly" in rewards and nothing about that promo came up! You will have to let me know if you have better luck with it.
      I'm feeling almost completely better! Thanks for asking! It most definitely wasn't fun but any protection I can get from the actual flu is valuable to me. =)

    2. Did you use the link provided in the email to enter the code? I think you probably had to use that instead of just entering the code on MCR's main page. I don't have a code to try it... YET. Hopefully I'll find a bottle cap soon. I might walk to the library on Monday as there's always a lot of trash discarded on the side of the highway on the way there...

    3. Yeah, I tried it that way....TWICE! LOL