Friday, November 20, 2015

Updates and How Waiting Is The Hardest Part of All...

The Good News....There are have quite a few jobs for Papa to apply for that would be either at his current last job title/position or slightly higher.

The Bad News......These companies aren't working on our time table!  LOL

Seriously though, Papa has been able to submit at least fifteen resumes in the past week - and he has been being slightly selective in position and location because there have been so many from which to choose!  He has cut his driving distance down to around 30 to 40 minutes each way, only widening that for two positions that looked to good to pass up (each of those are closer to 50 - 60 minutes each way.)  

But, this waiting business is driving him crazy!

He has gotten two responses so far....
One was a "no thanks we are going to keep looking" from a privately owned company.  This was okay for two reasons...1.  They probably weren't compensating near what we need Papa to make 2. Papa looked a little more into the company and figured it wasn't for him anyway after checking into the company's background a bit further.
The second one hit Papa a little harder.  It was a job fairly close by and was posted by a recruiting company.  It fit Papa's last position and skills almost to a T with Papa having more experience than even required!  The phone call with the recruiter was going amazingly well until the recruiter asked Papa if he would be willing to relocate out of state!  UM...WHAT?  Nowhere on the job description was relocation even mentioned! (Papa has been very careful to check for that since that's not an option with the guppies so far into school here in our town.)  Papa took it kind of hard, I have to say.  But, thankfully, he has bounced back from this set back!

We know that most of the jobs that are popping up currently are going to take time to hear back from.  Papa is finding most of these jobs the day they are posted and the companies obviously want to take time to compile applicants before starting the interviewing process for the position.  And, most likely, these companies are looking to make the hire official for the 2016 year.  But, does that make the waiting any easier?  Not in the least!

On  another front....Papa called the old company to ask again about the insurance thing (Thank You Nathalie for sending me that link!).  He kind of got the run around regarding this and keeps getting told that "the insurance ran out last Friday" end of story.  I think we are going to just give in at this point so he can get his severance check.  Papa isn't very happy about this because he's worried about my (soon to be lack of) MS drugs but, for the good and stability of the family, we need that cash!    The slightly good news is that the company DID change the weeks he was compensated for from eight weeks to nine since he was just a little over a month shy of being there for nine years.  So, yay!  I'll take the extra week...Although part of me thinks the rat bastards should have done way more!  LOL

The Friendsgiving bash G2 had last night was simply adorable!  It was so sweet to hear them sitting around the dining room table counting their blessings!  There was more than enough food and no drama at all!  It couldn't have gone better and a memory they will always share.  =)

Today is going to be a kind of "downtime" day - I want to catch up on the blogs since I wasn't on the computer much yesterday and just kind of hang out for the most part.  Tonight the girls and I have a concert (tickets paid for way before Papa got laid off) in the next town over.  Since I don't like to drive at night and don't feel like paying for parking, I may try to talk Papa into driving us back and forth!  May be the most frugal way with how expensive parking at concert venues can be!  I'll see if I can find out the parking prices on line and then decide if I will beg ask him to drive!  Haha!

Have a good Friday all!


  1. All positive things! Glad that the girls event was so nice, and that PaPa is keeping positive.

    1. Thanks! Positive is the new catch phrase around my house right now! =)

  2. It's very frustrating to wait and sometimes never hear back when you job hunt. Hang in there. It's very encouraging that there are so many positions of interest listed in your area! Greg had the same encounter with a recruiter last year where the position had been listed as being in Orlando but it ended up being in Seattle. That really sucked because it was with a company that he'd been dying to work for and it would have been a promotion too. But we can't move from here, we'd both hate Seattle anyway (me probably more than him however) so he had to refuse but very regretfully.

    I hope you have a great weekend, TrayceeBee!

    1. Whoa! Florida to Seattle? That WOULD be some relocation huh?
      Papa knows that he won't hear back either way on some of the positions but we should hear back from we hope at least half at some point...on their time, of course.