Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 - Changing How I Tally Up Grocery Expenditures

Since today has been so overcast and well, dreary, I have spent some time having Papa help me set up an Excel spreadsheet for our 2016 groceries. It's an unbelievably basic program but still I needed him to set it up! Haha!

I did this because I am on a grocery mission for next year!

But, first, let me explain how I came to this...

I read a blog called One Hundred Dollars A Month by a great lady named Mavis.  When Mavis goes grocery shopping, she records what she spends every week but also keeps tally of how much she has spent for the year!  I really love this idea because, let's face it, when you think about how much money we spend on groceries for the WHOLE year, well it can be pretty sobering.  Especially for someone like me who can be pretty lazy, unmotivated, challenged when it comes to this sort of thing.

 Now onto my mission...

My goal is to spend no more than $7000 on groceries, cleaning supplies, bath & beauty products, and animal food/bedding for the year 2016.  Geesh! Doesn't that sound that an UNGODLY amount of cash?!?!?  It did to me when I wrote it! But, it breaks down to a little less than $584/month.  So, if I am careful, it should be achievable.

This amount isn't counting takeout or restaurant meals.  I'm not sure how much I want/can devote to meals out.  I am going to have to think a little more on that....

But, I am happy to have this new plan in place and excited to see how well I can execute it during the coming year!


  1. Exciting that you have a new way to track everything. I am normally a spreadsheet person but with grocery receipts, I track everything the old fashion way in a notebook. I keep a list every month of where and how much I spent. At the end of the month I add it up and that is my total for the month. I add it to the first sheet which has the monthly totals for the year so that I can total the year. I just added up my 2015 totals and my totals should by up soon. I don't really know what I bought for the year but I could normally go back and look at all the posts and see the pictures of all the groceries. I have been near the same number for the last three years so it seems like a good number for our family. I hope that you make the number you are hoping for!! Good luck starting 2016.

    1. I can't wait to see your total, Alison, it's going to be soooooo low!

    2. Alison, I can't wait to hear what your final numbers are too! And, funny thing is that I am usually the notebook/paper kind of person but chose the spreadsheet this time. LOL
      Good luck to you too!
      I can't wait to read what the new year brings to you and your family!

  2. I think that's a great idea, TrayceeBee, to see the whole picture, and also to keep up with it all year long! You'll have to let us know how you're doing!

    1. Nathalie,
      You do it this way too, right? If I remember correctly you have a KILLER spreadsheet system for your grocery monies@
      I will definitely keep everyone posted as the year progresses! I really really need to stay accountable and keep this up for the year!

    2. Yes, I track it by week/month/year and even categories (same as the one I use in my weekly grocery shopping posts) in a couple of spreadsheets. I was just looking at it even though it's not fully updated at the moment and my numbers won't be "true" totals though, because when I was away for a month in France I didn't get all of Greg's receipts so I just put down the totals for those that I had but didn't even break it down by categories. Still, I'll get an overall idea. I had hoped that the money I spent on eating out would equal or even better be less than what I saved on groceries so my overall FOOD expenses would be either equal to or lower than the amount that I had budgeted, but it looks like the eating out will be higher than the savings. Arrgh. A goal to work on for next week, I suppose... lol. Now this is making me want to grab last week's receipts and input everything now, but I'm too tired. It'll have to keep until the weekend or even later.