Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Concussions, Attempting to Run, and Freebies

Yup, today is a mish mosh of topics....

Concussions:  Well, at least a possible one.  G2 slept over her BFF's on Saturday night and was there all day Sunday.  Just a mere thirty minutes before we were supposed to pick her up, she was playing on another friend's hoverboard, lost her balance, and konked her head on the side of a tv.  I  checked her out when she got home and couldn't feel a bump.  Her pupils were fine.  No vomiting.  She did complain of a headache but it kept moving from one side to the other. She was exhausted but hey she never gets much sleep at sleepovers anyway!  She watched tv and played games on her phone then went to bed at her normal time.  Yesterday morning,  she said she was a bit dizzy but was fine after getting up and ready for school.  However, at noon I got a phone call from the nurse saying G2 was in her office complaining about headache, nasuea, and dizziness.  Great.....   I put a phone call into the pedi office (I LOVE them!) and after talking with them, it's still unclear if she indeed has a concussion, especially when you throw the fact that there is a nasty cold going around my family.  Our favorite pedi will be calling me today sometime (she was out yesterday) but what do they do for concussions anyway? Not much as far as I know.  She is home from school today to get more rest and to eat/drink as she didn't want anything yesterday.

Running:  Okay, so what the *($# was I thinking yesterday morning?  LOL  Papa is the runner of the family not me!  But, I need to get into better shape and Papa hasn't been on a run in awhile.  So when he asked me to go out with him yesterday morning, I thought that maybe I could pull it off.  We went really slowly and ended up jogging THREE miles!  Trust me, that's a crazy amount for me!  And guess what?  Today I can barely walk!  After I get some errands done, today seems like a great day to try to up those swagbucks!  =)

Freebies:  My BFF has been doing MORE purging!  You would think she was a hoarder with all the stuff she gives me but honestly she has a showroom quality home!  Anyway, here is the stuff she gave me yesterday.... 
A new pair of pj bottoms (she thought they were scratchy but I love them and needed them so perfect)
A pair of Ugg brand slippers (again she didn't like, didn't use and I needed)
A pair of jeans that no longer fit her (they fit me!)
A sterling silver wine stopper (may save for my mom to go with her Christmas gift)
Amazing that I needed the stuff she passed on yesterday!  And she had no clue I had any of this stuff on my "needs" list!

Time to hobble my way around the chores here!  Sorry for the ramble!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. You jogged THREE miles?! I don't even think I could make it down the driveway! Way to go! And how sweet was that for your husband to invite you to come along? Did you take the dog, too?

    I hope G2 is OK. I think all they do for mild concussions is monitoring the symptoms and observing?

    Awesome freebies from your BFF, as usual. So neat that she thinks to pass them on to you.

    Good luck with SB today. Is your first goal 100 SB too? I was disappointed to see that was the goal for the 1st day of the month. I like it better when they start us with a lower goal, ugh. I've been playing with the idea of just not bothering with the daily goals this month so we'll see what happens today. I didn't qualify for any surveys this morning AGAIN so 100 SB might be a stretch when I have quite a things I should be doing away from the laptop...

    I hope that you're not too in pain :)

    1. I still can't believe I did it either! Considering I have a good 40 plus extra pounds on me! No way did we take the dog! She's still crazy on her walks and can't figure out pace so running with her would be disastrous! LOL

      The silver lining to Papa's being laid off is that we have been reconnecting so much. I feel like we are truly a "team" again.

      Yep, that's what they do for mild concussions. I have been spending a LOT of time trying to get food and water into her today so far. She was vastly dehydrated from not eating/drinking since the late morning yesterday! The three of us spent a little quality time watching DVR'd episodes of Christmas Cake Wars. She got very animated and laughed a lot. Nice improvement!

      My first SB goal was a measley 40 and I still haven't hit it! Remember I am not the SB Ninja that you are! Haha! I tried four or five surveys this morning and was disqualified for all of them! I'll be trying more this afternoon while G2 has her drum lesson. (She decided she is up for that!)