Monday, December 7, 2015

Derailed Plans Today...

Wow!  Did my Monday plans ever get derailed!  It started off as a good morning - I got the kids off to school and had just gotten back into bed to snuggle with Papa for a few minutes before starting our day...

 The text came at 8:!5 am. I was in my car and at my BFF's by 8:30.  She has an on again/off again boyfriend that keeps breaking her heart.  I was extremely worried there was going to be another "off again" episode around Christmas time.  I wish more than anything I had been wrong.  She is like the sister I never had and it kills me to see her hurting so badly.  


I stayed with her until I knew she was in a little better place and I could feel safe leaving her alone.  That translated to almost noon.  I'm totally not complaining however.  I would have stayed all day if she needed it. In the grand scheme of things, there wasn't anything urgent that had to be done today or else so I'm good.  I can play catch up tomorrow if needed.

Today's derailed plans gave me some perspective...I came home and hugged Papa tight.  Yes, our situation is rough (ummm, missing severance check still?!?!) but we have each other.  I will always be grateful for that, no matter what happens.  And as for my BFF, I will help her get through this and hope she can finally put this guy in the past and find her Mr. Right.

Hope you all had a great Monday!


  1. Has PaPa checked in with the company regarding severance? And has he filed for unemployment yet?

    1. All Papa's emails and calls to the company in the past week have gone unanswered and our bank account is almost nonexistent at this point. Papa thinks that maybe the idiots in HR are emailing him at his OLD company email address (to which he no longer has access)! He is going to call one more time today and then go over that person's head if needed. He thinks he needs additional information from the old company before filing for unemployment. I told him he needs to try to file without it and see how far he gets. Unemployment would be very beneficial to us at the moment.

  2. Sorry about your friend. It's rough at any time of the year but the holidays make it more so since we all have an idea of what happy holidays are and hers aren't panning out. Just be there for her. You'll never regret it. And I hope she can find a guy who deserves her. (speaking from experience)

    1. She is just such a great person with so much love to give....She now needs to find the right guy to give it to!!!
      Totally do NOT regret dropping everything to be with her Monday morning! Like I said she is like family to me. =)