Thursday, December 24, 2015

Freebie Fairy Right Before Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve day!  I'm busy baking about five gazillion cookies right now so please enjoy this post I wrote on Tuesday and scheduled for today!

Yup, the BFF was at it again - purging more things before Christmas!  Here is what she sent my way this time!

50 Shades of Grey DVD (didn't read the books, don't care about the movie.  Either consigning it or giving it to someone who wants it.  Any takers? LOL)

Season 1 of Hart of Dixie series on DVD (consigning)

1 very soft and fluffy throw blanket (keeping)

1 pair of brand new bootie style slippers (keeping)

1 HEAVY desk Post It Note dispenser (? consigning if they accept it)

1 new pair of fleece PJ bottoms (keeping)

1 pink very soft turtleneck sweater (will see if G1 wants it)

1 gray wrap sweater (I tried it on. It looked hideous on me.  Consigning)

1 brand new (with tags) pair of Calvin Klein black leggings (would like to keep but will probably consign. Brand new things with tags sell great there!)

Enjoy your day!

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  1. So nice of your friend to pass these items on to you. Merry Christmas!!