Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gas, Garbage, and Consignment

(I have added Consignment to my Wednesday posts to keep everyone up to speed with my earnings.)


Guess what?  I am STILL working on my tank from November!  It's solely because Papa has been home and we have been sharing the errands.  And, truthfully, I have been taking his car out sometimes instead of mine.  Overall our complete gas consumption has been down....Obviously.  My budget for this month for gas for my car is going to only be $25.  Let's see if I can accomplish it!


Bad week for this.  I had three kitchen sized garbage bags.  The reason I'm upset is because garbage day was a day later than normal!  However, I have been doing a lot of cleaning/purging so that accounts for part of it.


I FINALLY was able to drop off the jacket my BFF gave me yesterday to my consignment store.  I checked my balance while I was there.  I'm up to $19.58.  I left it in my account because I am fairly sure I have quite a few items that haven't sold yet.  Once my balance hits at least $25 I will cash out and buy an Amazon gift card to use for Christmas presents.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

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