Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gas, Garbage, Consignment, & Tick Update

Still working on the tank from the last fill up in November!  I'm down to about 1/2 tank so that $25 is still tucked away for December's gas budget!

Two 13 gallon kitchen sized bags this week. 

Rather than wasting the gas, I called to get my account balance today.  It's so close to my cash out goal but just not there yet.  Apparently the jacket hasn't sold as of yet.  My cash out goal is $25.  The account sits at $22.68.  I'm going to give it until Friday and if I'm still not over the $25, I'll consider cashing out anyway and eating the difference for the $25 Amazon Gift card.

Tick Bite
I had the tick bite checked out this morning and no one can really figure out why it looks like it does (kinda indented and scabbed inside rather than outside).  It was decided that I would do a round of antibiotics as a preventative measure and we would neosporin the area and keep an eye on it.  We are 100 percent positive it was a tick though - I saw the part that I had originally scratched off and then Papa saw what was remaining.

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