Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gas, Garbage, & Consignment $$$

I am down to 1/4 tank of that fill-up back in November!  Which means I am very close to making it through December without spending any money on gasoline!!  While this is a decent accomplishment, it has to be mentioned that I have been driving Papa's car a LOT more than usual!  Although, like I think I said last week, our overall gas consumption is way down since Papa hasn't been commuting.  
What does make me excited is the fact that we are now going into the months where I tend to drive significantly less - due to the snow, if winter ever decides to show up!  I will be taking that into consideration when I do my January Gasoline budget line.

Back to one of our old standards - 3 13 gallon kitchen sized bags.  If I am going to be completely honest, I think I could have done better with our waste and gotten it down to two bags this week.  But, with everything that has been happening here, I just didn't have the energy to try that hard.  Just keeping it real!  Haha!

Rather than making the trip around the corner to check my balance, I have been calling the consignment shop these past two weeks.  I did NOT take the money out of the account last week - like I was considering.  This week it only plumped up a little bit - something small must have sold.  Now my account sits at $28.84.  I'm going to leave it there for now since (most) of my holiday shopping is over.  While not making any interest as it may in a savings account, it also is money I cannot immediately access without some effort on my part.  So in the store's account it stays.

Kids are out of school early today and then off on break until January 4th!  EEEK!  So much left to take care of!  I better get going!

Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. I'm so impressed that you've managed to keep your gas consumption so low. I work part time but have to drive a significant distance each direction. Additionally, I am the only person who does errands in our house. My husband started working from home in September and I bet we've only needed to fill his car twice since then. It's amazing how that kind of change can have such a massive effect on the bottom line!

    1. Nice that your husband is working from home now! Besides the savings in gas, think about how much less "wear and tear" to which he is subjecting his car! How awesome for you guys!!! =)