Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gas & Garbage...A Day Late!

My timing feels so off ever since Christmas!  I completely forgot that yesterday was Wednesday until Papa reminded me to get any garbage from the upstairs wastebaskets ready to go out for garbage night!  Maybe next week I will get a better handle on things!

Anyway, here is where I stand for the last week of 2016....


More garbage than usual...5 13 gallon kitchen sized bags worth!  I'm not stressing too much though since it included the Christmas presents aftermath (wrapping paper, cellophane, etc).  On the plus side, our really large recycling can is overstuffed with the cardboard and paper I took the time to place in there - hence less regular garbage!


Seriously guys, I did it!  I didn't fill up one single time during the month of  December!  Granted I am at slightly below 1/4 tank of gas now but I am thrilled that I was able to make it this long!!  The last time I filled up my tank was November 10th!  So, technically I made it one and one half months on one tank of gas!  Like I said before, Papa and I have split some of the errands and I have used his car too but I am still happy with the gas consumption (or lack thereof!)

* I didn't add the Consignment part this week because I haven't been in the store or called this week to check.  I will do that (and try to be more productive with earning money in this area!) next week.

Happy Thursday and New Year's Eve!
Hope everyone has a great day/night!
Stay safe!

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