Monday, December 21, 2015

Great Sunday & Finishing That Shopping!

Stock image from Mystic Seaport's website for Lantern Lights Tour

Yesterday was an awesome day - that was much much needed!  Papa, the Guppies, and I had a great and RELAXING time in Mystic!  We stayed well within our allotted budget which was a plus too!  I tried my best to focus on "the moment" and turn the worrying off in my head.  I have to say that I was almost completely successful!  And, even though I am tired - we didn't get home until almost midnight! - I am in SUCH a better state of mind than the end of last week.

Today, after dropping the Guppies off to school and taking the pup for a walk, Papa and I are heading to the dreaded mall to finish Christmas shopping.  We found a few great items last week that were deeply discounted so today I am on the hunt for a few more that are on my list!  I really really want to finish shopping today because it's time for my cookie baking marathon to begin too!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!  I should be back later today or tomorrow with a post that is a little more substantial.  LOL

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