Monday, December 28, 2015

Leaving on a Jet Plane....Maybe?

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, I think you have probably already surmised that Papa and I aren't your "traditional" style parents.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to our most UN-traditional child, Guppy 1.  Our hope is that this will serve them in the long run because their goals in life aren't simple and (again) not the usual path.

That being said...

Today is the day that G1's friend is due to arrive for the planned Christmas break visit.  G1 has been planning this since the summer and has worked her job at the Y to save for purchasing the ticket.  We did have to help a little in the end since we decided to add the unaccompanied minor escort to the ticket so her friend can navigate the gates/layovers.  But, she has agreed to pay us back the $150 she was short in fees.

In truth, I won't believe the friend is coming until I see it for myself. 

I am not sure why I feel this way but I do.  And, it worries me that G1 may be out all the money she has earned since August.

I'm sure there are at least a few of you that are questioning if we have completely lost our minds!  Why didn't we just tell her no? Why didn't we say you cannot spend your money on a plane ticket as a Christmas present to someone clear across the United States?

Well, quite simply, we didn't do any of that because it's G1.  Because of the kind of young woman she is (and the child she always was), we know that she is the one who needs to do some things trial and error. We can discuss things with her and, yes, quite a bit of it does sink in (even if we don't know it did for a loooong time!  haha).  But, some things she needs to figure out for herself  - as in no matter how much rational discussion is done, we KNOW she won't process what we are saying.  Or won't process it in time. 

So, we let her take this chance...while she is still under our roof and can learn a valuable lesson without it doing too much damage financially.  IF the friend doesn't come, it will absolutely hurt her pocketbook BUT it's not like she has any overhead expenses like rents, utilities, etc.

My hope is her friend comes and they have a fabulous time!  We have allowed her to keep a little money in her bank account for the moment so they have a set amount of" fun" money to spend and won't be asking us.  (If the friend doesn't come, you can bet we will be taking the rest of the money she owes us out of the account now!)

Leaving on a jet plane?  We will know in a few short hours!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Have you been in touch with the friend's parents? Is this someone she met online? I didn't think anything was weird about the friend coming to visit until your explanation today, lol. My youngest gifted a video game to his BFF, something that floored me because he doesn't like spending his money, but only because he really wanted the friend to have the game so they could play together. If he had asked me if he could do that, I would have said no because that family is much better off than we are (they went on a cruise for Christmas!) but I'm proud of him being generous too. I guess he'll learn his own lessons as well and really, this is what sticks with you through life, not your parents' speeches (unfortunately, hahaha). Good luck with the friend's visit, I hope all goes well.

  2. Just curious but how old is G1 and how old is the friend? Is the friend a she or is this a potential love match?

  3. How long has your daughter known this person? As a parent of two (21 and 18) I sure wouldn't just let my kid fly across the country to stay with a family I haven't met before and knew pretty well. I always thought from your comments it might have been a old friend that had moved. What do you know about this child? Cheryl

  4. Like I said, we aren't the most conventional parents out there...

    This is just a friend of G1's. They are both almost 17 years old. While they met online, this is not a "catfish" type situation. They have talked on the phone/facetimed/skyped and have been friends over a year.
    As I have said before G1 has difficulty making many friends in our town so this friendship is important to her. As in she would have tried to go down south for the visit if we said no to the visit being here.
    Unfortunately, the flight was missed today (overslept) but not by that much. It was rescheduled for tomorrow morning (on the other family's dime) and will still include the unaccompanied minor assistance.
    Maybe I am a bit more open to this happening due, not only to G1's social situation here, but also because I went to visit a penpal for a week when I was thirteen. My parents drove me to my destination (nine hours away) rather than putting me on a plane. I had a blast and it's one of my favorite childhood memories.
    So, we wait for tomorrow and see what happens....

    1. When I was 16ish, I went to Spain all by myself to spend a month with friends of my dad's. I took the train on my own from my town to Paris and down to Spain. Because back then the train tracks were of a different width in France than in Spain, we had to switch trains. No one had told me. In that part of Spain, they speak Spanish with a much different accent (Basque) and I couldn't understand anything (I had 2 years of middle school Spanish and 1 year of high school Spanish at that point!). They wouldn't sell me a ticket for the new train (I thought I had a ticket all the way to Zaragoza but apparently I didn't!) because the train was full and you couldn't stand in the aisles. I was so upset. Then this Spanish college student took me under his wing and told me to get on the train anyway and that he would handle the controller. So I did. I would NEVER do that now, LOL. When the controller came by and saw that I didn't have a ticket, he wanted me to get off the train at the next station, a tiny station in the Pyrenees mountains and wait for the next train that would have a spot... at least 24 hours. My friend got up and gave a rousing speech about what a shame that this was my first experience of Spain, etc. and got the whole car to agree with him! Then the controller let me stay (I think I had to pay a fine but I'm not even sure). There weren't any cell phones back then (we're talking 32 years ago!) so I would have been in a real pickle. Then we got to Zaragoza and I had a great time with a wonderful family. Come to find out after the fact that my dad didn't know those people at all! He had met the dad in an airport during a business trip layover and they had talked about the fact that they had teenage girls (me, studying Spanish, her studying French) and exchanged business cards and that's the only time they had talked! After that it was me writing to his daughter like a pen pal situation and going to spend a month there. Incredible. Yet, I look at my kids now and they are so coddled (and less than other kids but much more than I ever was) and I feel sorry for them that they'll never have the same experiences. My kids are much more naive and less street savvy than I ever was. I'm grateful that they are having a happier childhood than I did (even though I am divorced from the dad of my older 3 so their childhood hasn't been all roses) but I have to admit they are very naive and unsavvy about a lot of things and it's my fault in a large part. I'd love to say I'm going to send my son to France on his own when he's 16, but I probably won't (he wouldn't want to go anyway!). I would let my daughter go, now that she's been there with me and I know she could navigate the airport and the subway. But after having seen "Taken" and the news ealier this year, I'd probably hyperventilate and have to pay and obscene amount to buy a ticket on the same flight at the last minute!

      Anyhoo, they've known each other for a while, you're talking to the mom, so it's not a complete stranger. I'm sure they'll have a great time!

    2. Well there was an adventure eh? Something you will remember forever no doubt!

  5. Oh and the mom and I will be talking tonight to reconfirm the new flight information and chat.

  6. Rereading my original post, I think I may have not been too clear when I wrote I wouldn't believe the friend (P.) would be here until I saw it myself. You see, P is also afraid of flying and has never set foot in the airport! Hence the assistance with connecting flights. But, P wants to come badly enough to try to conquer the fear! =)