Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Looking Ahead....

First a quick update...I have spoken with P's mom and they are on the way to the airport as I write this.  So in a few short hours I will have an extra Guppy with us...at least until next Sunday.  Which should leave me with some extra time to start...

Thinking ahead to 2016.

Ah, those wonderful New Year's Resolutions...

And how I always seem to break them by about..ummm...January 10th?!?!

This year I am going to sit down and really think about the things I want accomplished for 2016 and break them down into concrete pieces/tasks.  My road map for 2016.

I'll keep you updated once I figure it all out myself but you can be sure quite a bit of it will include $$$ goals/resolutions/tasks!

Right now I need to go do a bit more straightening up before getting in the shower and going to the airport.

Have a great Tuesday! 

P/S...Hope I didn't lose too many readers with yesterday's post!  =)

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