Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MishMosh of Updates

Trying to remind myself of on this crazy Tuesday!!!!!

If you aren't ready for a totally mish-moshed jumble of thoughts and information you may want to skip this post!  I have a ton of stuff running through my head without much time to organize them into cohesive thoughts.  Follow me and my brain dump through this post....If you dare!  LOL

My house looks like it's been burglarized at the moment!  Or, at the very least, Christmas literally threw up in my living room! There are still numerous half filled boxes to take care of today before G2 has her drum lesson this afternoon.  Add to that, the rest of the cleaning I have to do and it's going to be a very busy day housework wise!

I spent over THREE hours on the phone last Friday speaking to various people trying to get our healthcare square away!!  I *thought* we were set since the last person I spoke with took care of our application for me over the phone. (Because of the no/soon to be unemployment only income we qualified for state insurance.)  I have our application number and need to make a few changes/adjustments -which the person on the phone said I could do- BUT I never received my email conformation!   I had added Papa's email to the application and he didn't receive an email either.  I'm guessing that they misspelled our last name (it's a pretty difficult one to spell right)  We have up to ninety days to make changes on the application so that is on my list of things to do by the end of this week.

The amount in our bank account has dwindled to a ridiculously low (and very scary!) dollar figure.  Severance should have been deposited at the end of last week at the latest - there is a seven day revocation period.  Papa had been emailing HR and leaving voicemails to no avail.  Minutes ago he heard back from the HR woman (who apparently has been out of the office due to a family emergency).  She said she is going to have employee services research why we haven't received our money yet. This is just beyond frustrating now.

Since Papa finally got the response from HR, hopefully the additional information we need will be sent to him TODAY!  I think I will still have Papa try without the info later today if he has time.

Possible Job Leads
Things have picked up a tiny bit.  Like I have mentioned before, I truly think most of the positions being advertised currently are for the new year so businesses are just compiling possible applicants to interview in the next few weeks/into the beginning of the new year.  Papa does have a phone interview this morning with a very good company.  Unfortunately this company is quite the drive away (about 60 minutes each way) but, because of the area of the state it's in (Fairfield County), it has the potential of being a fairly well paid position.

My Health
My health has been pretty good (knock on wood).  I will be completely truthful and tell you guys that I have been sort of dragging my feet a little about calling the company that makes my injections for monetary help.  I HAVE to do that this week, I know.  I haven't had an "injection break" in about six years so I am enjoying this past couple of weeks without them.  I know, I know BAD TRAYCEEBEE!  On another health note, yesterday I had a strange itch on my right shoulder and when I scratched I pulled off half a tick! YUCK!!! I had Papa remove the rest of it with tweezers (because of course I missed the head when I scratched it off!) but the damn thing left a divot where it was!  I think it was only attached to me for about twenty four hours (due to its location) but we are going to keep an eye on it anyway.  Hazards of having a dog in the house I guess!  =)

I am being super bad with tracking the groceries on this blog!  I need to see if I have my receipts and try to catch up with that.  I will say that I am being very very cautious with the money I am spending and haven't spent much at all!  If I had to guesstimate (without totalling receipts obviously) I have spent right around $100 so far this month.  I am trying to continue to be aggressive about using up a lot of what is in our freezer/cupboards.

Christmas Shopping
Haha!  I made a funny joke there!  No shopping has been done yet (besides two tiny stocking stuffers).  I am going out with my mom on Friday to do some shopping - I help her pick out stuff for the Guppies.  She has offered to pick up some things for me to get them too, which is very nice and helpful.  But, if that severance check isn't deposited by Friday I am probably going to lose my mind!!!  LOL

I think that's most of what's sloshing around my brain at the moment!  Time to get to cleaning I guess!

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. I haven't commented but I'm thinking about you. Would it be possible for your husband to stop by his old place of employment to pick up the check in person instead of waiting for it in the mail? Someone really dropped the ball on that one. How horrible that they couldn't even make sure that the person they laid off wouldn't have to wait for his separation check.

    Oh, and my youngest son found a tick on himself when he came back from hunting with Greg last weekend. Luckily, it was just running along his leg so it wasn't bit but I still rubbed alcohol all over his leg and check himself all over the place. I'm paranoid about those things and I was pissed that Greg hadn't thought to have him and our son check themselves before they came into the house (I heard on the radio this morning that, like fleas, they like to lay eggs in your house, which hatch when it gets warm. Ugh. It's warm pretty much all the time, here!

    Make sure you keep an eye on your bite for any red ring because you do not want Lyme disease on top of everything else!

    Hang in there. Lots of hugs!

    1. Awww.thanks Nathalie! The problem with the severance check is that it's NOT coming through the mail...They are supposed to be direct depositing it since that's how he used to be paid every month! So frustrating!!!
      As for the tick...It's definitely a weird bite. I have been bitten before but it never looked like this - no bullseye or rash. Just a large dent/divot thing where it was attached! It's not as indented as it was yesterday but we are still keeping an eye on it. My mom is a nurse so I may be able to get it looked at/treated by a doctor But shhhhh! I didn't say that! LOL =)

    2. I won't say anything :) But I think you shouldn't wait to have it looked at if it looks weird, you can never be too careful with insect bites.

    3. That is true...Maybe I'll take a ride to my mom's in the morning and get her thoughts on it. She has dealt with tick bites/possible Lymes where she works....

  2. One day at a time. You're doing things as they need doing, even though it seems that you have a huge number of priorities right now. I would definitely pay attention to the tick bite. That would warrant a doctor's visit. State insurance should cover the visit as long as you have submitted your paperwork (which you have).

    As for Christmas shopping - what can happen will happen. It sounds as though your girls are old enough to understand a temporary setback.

    Good for your husband for contacting HR. The severance check WILL arrive. Good luck to him with the upcoming interviews, too. Just know that you've got this. You're rocking it!!

    1. Thank you! And I am actually going to head over to my mom's (she's a nurse) to have her look at it this morning. No rashes or bullseyes but Papa doesn't like how the bite appears.
      The girls are thankfully old enough to understand. And the biggest benefit to them being older is that "Santa" doesn't have to deliver things that may be hard to find at this late date.
      As for the money, yes it will arrive, eventually. LOL And thanks for the luck for Papa. We could use all the good thoughts we can get! =)