Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Day....

Sorry about yesterday's post.  I would love to say it won't happen again - but, I am fairly sure that it will before all goes back to "normal".  While I am thankful that Papa and I have never experienced an unemployment setback before, it still would be nice to have had this happen (so Papa's stress level/mood could improve) BUT have already found another job!  Pipe dreams I know!  =)

Anyway, the sun is shining and I survived my emotional roller coaster than was Friday.  That is a feat in and of itself!  Haha

Not sure what's on today's agenda yet but I definitely want to have some family time.  I'm thinking that later on this evening/tonight we will do a Christmas movie marathon at least.

G2 cleaned up the very large mess left in the family room by her and her friends-without even having to be asked!- so that housework is off my list. So that leaves the kitchen for me to tackle and upstairs.

Papa is still working on the upstairs bathroom - sanding the walls down for paint.  We need to pick out a paint color so he can get it done soon.  I need Papa to finish this project by the end of December 27th because G1's friend from Alabama is coming to spend Christmas break with us starting on the 28th.  (Yup you read that right.  Plans were made pretty much before Papa got laid off.  G1 will be footing a lot of the entertainment/excursions bill while her friend is here.  She has been told this already and agreed - which is primarily the reason I didn't pull the plug on the whole thing.  Well that and a nonrefundable plane ticket.)

Okay, I feel like I am rambling and nothing about this post is cohesive so I'm going to end now.

Thanks for keeping my family in your thoughts.  I know we will be fine and will  be very thankful this time next year that all this happened.

Have a great Saturday everyone!  I know I will be trying my best to do that!

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