Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Papa's Interview Plus Gas, Garbage, & Consignment

Before I start my usual Wednesday post (albeit very late!) here is the news about the interview yesterday....

Papa came home very happy.  He liked the company and the people he met with.  He thought the interview went very well.  However, this company is very early in their interview process so it may be a little while before we hear anything.  Also, it appears there will be a second round of interviews (because I guess three and a half hours isn't enough?!?!?).   So, the game plan is to try to enjoy the holidays and wait to see what happens.  I have a feeling that the phone will start ringing off the hook for interviews from other companies come the first week of January!  Companies are too busy/lazy/whatever at the end of the year to deal with hiring for positions.  But, if yesterday's company calls back and wants to see Papa again, he will go in less than a heartbeat!

Now onto the usual...

Seriously I have no idea how I am completely making this happen but I am still on the tank from November!!!!  It's a little less than half but still....Crazy, eh?  And we haven't been going through as much gas in Papa's car either!  I am so loving this!  Plus, once the snow comes - if it EVER comes this year!, I limit my driving tremendously!!!  Can I make it to the New Year with the gas from November?  Let's see!

SIX bags!!!!  Yup, you read that right!  SIX 13 gallon bags!  But, here's why....Papa stripped the wallpaper in our upstairs bathroom to ready it for painting.  All that debris accounted for three bags worth of garbage!  Nice to have that 1980's wallpaper down finally!  One good thing about the layoff I guess is that Papa has the time to do some of the around the house jobs that he didn't have enough time for before!

No change from last week.  My balance is still at $22.68!  I thought the jacket I brought in last week would have sold by now BUT, with all the unusually warm weather here lately, I guess no one is thinking about jackets/coats.  I am leaving the money in the account until AFTER Christmas now.  I would like to do some things with the kids while they have the week off (and G1's friend from Alabama will be  here - most likely) so I will pull it out then and add it to any "fun money" we have accumulated from Christmas.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

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  1. The job situation sounds really promising! Fingers crossed!!!