Saturday, December 12, 2015


If it's Saturday and you are seeing this post, that means all worked out and we (the family & me) are on our way into Massachusetts to visit the Yankee Candle store!  But enjoy (and please comment!) on my ponderings...

When I retrieved my empty garbage cans from the curb earlier this week, I noticed a strange little baggie with an envelope inside.  It was TWO Christmas cards from our garbage men with their addresses conveniently printed out on a return envelope...Hmmmm...I may be wrong but I think they are looking for a tip!  LOL  (By the way, we pay taxes for our waste disposal and these guys are not contracted by us.)  I haven't ever given a tip to our garbage people but it got me wondering....

Who do you tip or give token presents to at Christmas time?

When the Guppies were in elementary school and only had one or two teachers, I gave holiday presents.  I will even admit that the MORE I liked the teacher the BIGGER the present.  I know that was probably a bad thing but I couldn't help it if I felt more gratitude to some teachers than others!  =)

Music Teachers - I would like to give a token something to them for the hard work and dedication they give my children.  Unfortunately, G2's drum teacher was already here for the last time this month (before severance was paid out).  Ditto for G2's garage band teacher - who I definitely wanted to give a little something to!  I may end up baking some goodies and giving it to them when G2 has lessons in January.  G1 will see her vocal teacher before Christmas again so I have another week to figure it out.  VERY small gifts but something to say "Thanks for all you do".

I don't tip my hairdresser - I haven't seen him in about six months now anyway!

I don't tip a cleaning lady - because I don't have one!  LOL

I don't tip the babysitter - We don't have a babysitter!

I don't tip our mailman - We aren't allowed to give monetary gifts and it seems my mail person is always changing anyway!

I can't think of anyone else that I would include in this list....

How about you?  Who do you tip?  Who don't you tip?  Do you think that the expectations of tips/holiday bonuses have gotten way out of hand?  Or do you think holiday tipping should be done for a good job/services throughout the year?

I hope I'm not the only one being stingy here!  If so, I guess I will be changing my name to "Scrooge"!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I don't tip unless it's in a restaurant or at the hairdresser's. The garbage men envelopes? That would irk me. (The newspaper carrier one year did that and I always had to complain about my paper not being delivered so you can bet your you-know-what that she didn't get a tip!). Don't ASK me for a tip. People receive money from their employers for doing their jobs. Doing their job right is expected for the money they are paid, not a situation where they should get something beyond that, IMO. If they go above and beyond (like way above and beyond!) I might consider a one-time gift but I can't imagine that situation in most cases. My "tip" is usually contacting their management and leaving a compliment and their employer increase their compensation if that's what the employer chooses.

    I tip the hairdresser only because I don't think they're paid by the salon, but are independent contractors. I tip very well at restaurants only because I have 2 kids working on and off in the restaurant industry so I know how little they make and I'm buying good karma for them, lol.

    I really dislike the tipping system overall.

    I'm happy that you finally got that severance check. What a relief it must be! Be very careful managing your finances in the coming weeks/months. Remember that if your husband does get a job, he won't get a paycheck right away. Now is the time to be more stingy than usual because you just don't know how long you guys will be in this situation. You can relax more once he has an income coming in regularly. Just my 2 cents :) Have a great weekend!

    1. Believe me Nathalie -- I am relieved I can pay my bills but don't plan on going hog wild spending right now! Even if Papa got lucky and got this job he is interviewing for, I will be counting pennies! =)

  2. I would bake goodies for all of the music teachers. Even if they don't receive them until January, the sentiment is the same.

    I definitely wouldn't tip anyone. Hold on to all cash as long as you can.

    1. Stephanie, definitely NOT tipping the garbage men! Or anyone else beside the music teachers! And baked treats are what they will get!
      I am pretty grateful right now that my life has been pretty contained so I'm not in the uncomfortable position of tipping/not tipping this season! =)

  3. We've done small gifts for teachers (even activity teachers) and I tip my hairdresser extra. We've gotten "tip request envelopes" from the paper delivery person (we stopped our subscription) but we haven't gotten one from the garbage men. Personally, I wouldn't give to the garbage men who are hired by our city. I didn't give to the paper guy, either, because his delivery was hit or miss.

  4. I don't usually give money as a "tip" but the last house we lived in for 5 years and the garbage men and the mail carrier never changed. I watched the mail lady trudge through all kinds of weather sometimes as late as 7 pm to get the mail delivered in the snow. I would spend the two - three months before Dec. couponing for individual wrapped snacks and drinks. I would put together a nice basket using a dollar store basket and both the garbage men and the mail carrier were always pleased with this gift. LOL - I remember never having to drag my garbage can back up to the house from the street after the first year I did this. It didn't cost me much and I really liked all these people. Where we're at now I don't know the garbage men and the mail carrier changes every week or so it seems.