Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Some Freebies and Something Curious....

Can we talk about how my best friend is something else?!?!  She's like my sister, truly, and we are there for each other for the small and big things that life throws our way.  Anyway, as you know, she loves to give us stuff - even though I KEEP telling the woman she doesn't have to give me stuff all the time! Well yesterday was no different...She came by my house bearing some little "gifts" again!

3 pints of one of Papa's favorite soups from the farmers market (She said she doesn't like it anymore and it tastes different.  Well she froze it so the curry flavor intensified. Papa still likes it so score for us!)
A small tray of her (Italian) mom's manicotti  YUUUUM!

The other freebie we got was curious...

When Papa was issued a work cell phone, he had the option to pay for an upgrade (IPhone) which would be his but the company would pay for the line.  When he got laid off, he had the option to have the phone number he used through the company released  so we can use it to add him to our plan.  Yesterday, after getting the email back from HR, the phone was magically turned back on with the stipulation that he switch it over within the next two months!  I am left shaking my head as to why they turned it off in the first place then.  And, you can bet your you-know-what that we will be waiting until AFTER the holidays to add him to our phone bill!

Even more curious...

When the phone was turned back on, Papa had two new messages he never received back when they were left.  One in June and one in September....FROM RECRUITERS!!!! Plus there were quite a few calls that he never received from back when his phone was on and he worked at the old company.  So, it appears that the old company was blocking/screening the phone calls he made/received on the cell phone!  I'm guessing they had the "right" to do this since they owned/paid for the line but what a crappy thing to do, don't you think?!?!?

Happy Wednesday!  I'll most likely post my Gas/Garbage/Consignment update this afternoon after I visit the consignment shop!


  1. Maybe I'm too suspicious but if they did screen his calls and realized that he was talking to recruiters and other companies, that might have been the real reason why they let him go. Unless he did that entirely on personal devices and not "work" devices. According to the courts, there is no expectation of privacy, I think, if you use a company provided device or internet connection. But of course, you probably could never prove that anyway.

    Good freebies: free food!

    Have a great day, TrayceeBee. I have to go grocery shopping today and I think it's gonna be a short trip because I'm blah and don't feel like hunting "deals" today. Aldi it is, with a couple of other short stops. I wish this blahness would end already.

    1. Nathalie, I would tend to agree that could have been a reason why they laid him off...However, now that the dust has cleared it appears that the company laid off a lot of the Operations department to help consolidate AND even bigger that that they had to choose between Papa and his counterpart - who makes significantly less than Papa did and travels approximately three weeks of every month. It is a curious situation with it being Papa's device but I'm sure they could say it was a company line...blah blah blah.
      Good luck with your shopping today! I wish the blahness would end for you too! Sending lots of hugs!!!