Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Hey, remember when I wanted to reach 2200 swagbucks to earn my $25 Amazon gift card?  Umm...yeah THAT so didn't happen! I haven't even reached the 1000 swagbuck mark yet!

I would love to blame it completely on the swagbucks site - I earned diddly for web searches!  I was disqualified for every survey I tried to take!  Etc!  Etc!  While both these examples were true, you want to know the real reason why my swagbucks mission went bust?

The truth is..

I got really lazy!

I didn't devote the time or energy needed to accomplish this.  And I guess I am going to be okay with that.  Because now I have a new plan....One that should be easier to accomplish -- I hope!

Papa's birthday is in February and, if he hasn't found a job by then, it's going to be super tough financially- even with being careful! So that is probably a much better time for an Amazon card anyway!  LOL

Today, I hopefully found a new way to earn those SB quicker!  While doing some Christmas shopping online, I saw that a couple of the sites I was buying from had an earn SB icon!  I "activated" it when I saw it so let's hope I get rewarded for my (very slight) effort of clicking that button!

When the New Year comes and things die down, I hope to get back to a better schedule with my swagbucks earnings.  Right now, I am being realistic and I know it's just not going to happen - unless I do more shopping, which would NOT be a good idea!  =)

Do you try to earn Swagbucks?  How as it been going? 

 By the way, if you are more interested in finding out about swagbucks, you need to check out Nathalie over at imperfectlyfrugally.blogspot.com!  She is the master at earning SB!

Have a great evening!!


  1. Oh, no! I'm sorry you didn't reach your 2,200 SB as fast as you thought you would. You still have time this month, though! Have you defaulted your search engine to Swagbucks? I don't do the Swag Button but I do use their search engine. Just use it for everything, even if it's just to get to your own blog. I get at least one Search award a day, usually two, and I don't even search all that much. Last week the Search awards were higher than usual because they were giving out "Collector's Bills". Otherwise, I'd been getting only 4 or 6 SB per search award, it was disappointing. I get disqualified for tons of surveys as well. I guess they must get a lot of 40-something white women. This week I have been able to qualify for more than usual. I stay clear of those at the top of the list, I just go down to the last few ones (for some reason the ones at the top always tell me that they're always closed) and try those that are for 50 or 60 SB. The higher the SB, the more information they want about your health issues (I would think you would qualify for those, though?) and since I haven't been diagnosed with anything, I always get disqualified.

    Also, if I'm going to shop online, I always check whether I can earn SB by going through their portal. You have to be careful with the fine print of the offers (for instance you will NOT earn SB for shopping on Amazon via their portal unless you buy things from the specific categories that they're pushing that day) and if you do place an order, it takes a while for the SB to be credited to your account (usually 30 days or more). So it can be discouraging but what a sweet surprise when they finally get credited, LOL. I was just notified that I'll receive 206 SB on 1/11 for one of the gifts I ordered for Greg from Walmart.com via their portal. You can check your ledger to see when the awards will be credited but I always forget to do that. I like the surprise. Also, try to print coupons from their coupon sections (do a search for "Swagbucks Coupons" by using their search engine!) because you'll get 10 SB per coupon that you printed through them and that you redeem. Again, it takes up to 60 days to get the credit but every bit helps. I got 110 SB for coupon redemptions this past weekend and I don't even use that many coupons anymore.

    But yeah, otherwise, it does take some babysitting. On the days when I don't qualify for surveys to make my goal (again, you get bonus SB for hitting your 1st goal every day), I have to play videos on my laptop and/or phone pretty much all day long. I just minimize them so they're playing while I do other online activities so it's not a huge deal, but I still have to click on "Next" every 30 seconds or so, so that can get old very fast. I'm just so used to it, I'd feel weird if I didn't have to do that, LOL. I'll post at the end of the year how much I've earned on SB but since September 2014, it's been over $600 and I only got serious about it (i.e. trying to hit my 1st daily goal every day) this past August.
    Good luck and thanks for the mention :)

    1. Swagbucks is my default engine and I do use it to search everything - even when I know the website address!
      I was trying to keep up with the daily goals because I know (through you of course!) that you are awarded bonus SB and even SB for streaks. But, I have gotten lazy and fallen out of the rhythm I guess.
      I haven't been printing coupons yet because I have been stingy with my printer's ink because it's starting to get low! Haha!
      Thanks for telling me about the delay in being awarded the bucks for purchases! I knew they weren't going to award them immediately but I would have begun to wonder in a couple of weeks! =)
      I'm going to try to earn as much as I can but right not stress out about it too much.

  2. I am not even sure how to maximize it but I know that Nathalie got me to try again. I went on and changed my email address and did some surveys and earned the bonus points. I got the bonus yesterday and I am going to try to keep this going over the holidays. I guess we will see how that goes. Maybe I will end up as good as you guys!! Currently at 456 with the stuff and installed the button. Just got a code NoRegifting to put in :) Good luck getting to the points by February!!!

    1. Alison, Nathalie DOES motivate with trying Swagbucks doesn't she?!?!? LOL
      Papa took a survey this morning pretending to be me and earned 50 bucks - maybe it's just me and my bad luck1 Haha