Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What A Day!

Geez!  It has been quite the day! And I can't begin to imagine how tired P is from the travel ordeal today!

It started in Birmingham with mechanical issues with the airplane...An hour later and the crew determined the plane would take ALL DAY to fix!  So, Delta decided to send busses to drive everyone to the connecting airport...Atlanta!  Then, of course, connecting flights were missed and Delta had to get all the displaced passengers onto new planes.

Poor P ended up touching down at the airport here in Connecticut at around 5:45 pm, after being up since four am and at airports since 6:30am!  Exhaustion doesn't begin to cover it, I'm sure!

We grabbed a quick dinner for them (P hadn't eaten all day really) and now they are watching tv in the family room chilling out and laughing.

As for me, I am emotionally exhausted too.  I have spent the day in constant contact with both P and P's mom (she & I tried navigating the crazy situation the best we could from opposite sides of the country!) Worrying can absolutely wreck you!  I learned that today!

But, in the end, it seems to be worth it all.  It is so good to hear G1 laughing again!

Tomorrow, after what I hope will be a good night's sleep, I will try to regroup and start my goals for 2016.  I know that having access to Excel spreadsheets with play a big part in some of it.  =)

Have a great night everyone!

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